Insurance Claims: Don’t make things worse!

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unfortunately, Some of the kitchen projects that Main Line Kitchen Design works on are caused by water, fire, and smoke damage and are paid for through insurance claims. What’s even more troubling is that homeowners follow the advice of their insurance companies to begin procedures that waste time and money, and in most cases end up providing a portion of the money needed for a new kitchen.

After you make a claim, your insurance company is the last place you should get advice.

Insurance claims policy

Note! The first thing your insurance company will advise you to do is call. serve pro.

If a homeowner calls their insurance company to file a claim, the agent recommends calling. serve pro as soon as possible. ServePro is a national fire and water cleanup and restoration effort. Once contacted, demolition and other relief measures are immediately initiated, but these are incredibly expensive and often unnecessary.

ServePro knows nothing about kitchen renovations and very little about construction. Many of their remedies for water and smoke damage cause even more damage. Ultimately, a large portion of your bill will require repairs or a complete redo by a reputable general contractor..

Water Damage Repairs Due to Insurance Claims

Water damage repair. Click here for ServePro review.

Always do this first when filing an insurance claim.

Next, call your insurance company!

Homeowners looking to file an insurance claim should call a fully vetted and licensed independent insurance claims adjuster. in front Call your insurance company. A licensed independent claims adjuster acts as the homeowner’s advocate.

Independent adjusters effectively negotiate with insurance companies. Their fees are usually based on a very fair percentage of the bill they get. And you’ll always receive significantly more insurance faster than homeowners who expect their insurance companies to be fair. The adjuster will also warn you about and protect you from high-cost scam companies that prey on vulnerable homeowners dealing with unexpected damages and problems.

The window industry is not transparent either.

Another company that preys on unsuspecting homeowners with ridiculously high prices is Renewal by Anderson. Anderson windows are excellent windows and reasonably priced;, Renewal by Anderson The installation is Often 4 times the current rate For window replacement.

The potential for homeowners to hire both ServePro and Renewal by Anderson to perform necessary renovations is devastating. Both of these companies operate much like the aluminum siding companies of the a movie tin man And you’ll get the idea.

Temporary wall demolished in a hurry

Serve Pro is wrong. Anderson’s renewal is a mistake.It’s a mistake to rush

Whether it’s a remodeling project or processing an insurance claim, rushing is the biggest and most costly mistake homeowners make. Spending a few hours researching the best way forward with your company can save you a lot of money and minimize the inconvenience of project delays. You couldn’t be more wrong to believe that if you start early, you’ll finish sooner.

In reality, like all renovations, the first work to be completed is the best planned, with the project organized and executed by honest professionals. With some exceptions, companies that specialize in disasters should be avoided. So, Before homeowners call their insurance company to file a claim, they should take a breath and call an independent adjuster first.

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