In-Depth: What Will We See From Cartier in 2024? If We’re Lucky, A Return to The Swinging Sixties

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I’ve said before that I’m probably the worst prophet in the world. And yet, I’m here again, this time also as a volunteer, to address the question of what Cartier has in store for us in his 2024.

Cartier may be the most difficult brand to predict, as its watch strengths are not limited to traditional watchmaking. As a Grand Jewelery House, I have seen the most stunning jewel settings on everything from Jean Cocteau’s swords to initiations into the world. Académie Française There’s even a “Tutti Fruitti” watch that harkens back to the days of cocktail watches (by the way, cocktail watches should make a comeback). This complicates matters for me, an average Joe whose weak jewel-free brain cannot fully comprehend Cartier’s creativity.

I never imagined that the Baignoire Allongée would come with a studded case. Tiger stripe jewelry set crash? It was more incredible than I could have ever imagined.a soft A cushion-shaped clock that collapses when pressed? What are we even talking about anymore? Even last year’s Baignoir bangles were out of left field for me.

Cartier Bangoire Allonger

Let’s meet at CBGB after becoming platinum.

cartier crash tigre

I have to share this too. Because, please take a look. I would love to meet the person who came up with this amazing thing.

Last year I was obsessed with Tank Normale from the Prive collection. It was typical normality and while it knocked my socks off, I kind of knew it was coming so I kept my mouth shut until it became clear. I have no such inside information and little creativity to predict anything, so I use all my abilities and intuition to make his one prediction.

This is the year of the Cartier Maxi Oval.

cartier maxi oval

Cartier Maxi Oval sold at Monaco Legend Group last year.

Since 2015, the Prive collection has been the perfect platform to showcase iconic models such as Cloche, Tonneau, Cintre and Clash. The Pebble will join Cartier’s lineup in 2022, ending its 50-year streak as one of the few shapes Cartier hasn’t revisited since its initial release. What hasn’t returned is the maxi oval.

Cartier CPCP

Photo provided the gathered man.

Now let me just say (well, in my best French accent) that this is our 25th anniversary. Collection Prive Cartier Paris torture monopsoir, one of the most iconic and beloved Cartier watches of the past quarter century. The watch itself boasted the fact that Tortue had been the platform for at least two of his examples in the past, including his interesting vintage single-button chronograph and his vintage 1920s minute repeater. Looking at how Cartier has been handling their recent releases, preferring to at least repeat skeletonization and possibly complication, what we’re waiting for could be the return of Tortue. there is. That’s probably a logical guess. But I’m betting on, or rather hoping for, Maxi Oval. Strictly speaking he is an Allonge, but he is a true maxi oval, the likes of which we have not seen since their run began in the swingin’ 60s.

Maxi Oval brought us the closest thing to a ‘moment’ we’ve ever seen. phillips Last year, he sold the New York Maxi Oval for $120,650. Christie’s is about the same price. One from London.Monaco Legend Group to auction london maxi oval (The planned version) will appear in the prestigious Cartier collection in spring 2023 for a total price of 273,000 euros. MLG was sold a year and a half ago. Gray dial, white gold London Maxi Oval Priced at 364,000 euros, it now feels like a steal considering the unique touch of genius of Jean-Jacques Cartier’s London Shape watch.

Let’s get the false elephant in the room out of the way. The melted maxi oval was not the cause of the crash. It makes no difference to me. Our good old friend JJ Cartier (as I choose to call him) did what he did best: shaped watches. My apologies to my friends who own them, but watches like the Sainteur are barely overshadowed by the Maxi Oval. Similarly, Crash is a higher level. What Cintre offers, especially in contrast to the aforementioned watches, is an uninterrupted history since 1921. But that doesn’t mean the Maxi Oval is a bad watch.

london maxi oval

Another Monaco Legend Group auctioned the London Maxi Oval. You can hear the customer reaching into the checkbook to place this special order.

The new Maxi Oval respects the 30mm x 57mm sizing of the original models from the 60s or 70s and will give you an incredible presence on your wrist. I recently got to see his 1968 London Maxi Oval near the new Baignoire Allonges, but I realized that the latter would never work for me. It’s just too thin and short. The Maxi Oval is a cuff, very similar to the Cintrée, but with a Swinging Sixties flare.

What will Cartier do with the new Maxi Oval? I’ve learned not to expect exactly what I want. Although we want to see something that is basically a carbon copy of the original, Cartier always feels the need to tweak the design to varying degrees of modernization. The platinum Prive Normale had a silver dial and silver hands (almost illegible, mind you) and felt more modern. The Cartier Clash and Cintre have been revived many times in different forms, but the 2014 Clash He Skeleton and his 2017 Cintre Skeleton are a great way for Cartier to experiment with historical designs while transplanting the watch into the modern era. I showed that I’m not afraid of things.

crash skeleton

2014 Cartier Crash Skeleton.

If I’m right, we might see a maxi oval in yellow gold and platinum, with vertical graining on the dial (like last year’s Americane). guilloche carving This is similar to what was seen in the past with Baignoire Allonge. There is also the possibility of using Arabic numerals on the dial, as was seen on the Cintre. Throw in some gem-set models and maybe a skeleton, and it’s essentially the same as what we saw at Normale last year. See, I said you’d run out of creativity.

What do you want to see? The gray dial of the Monaco Legend would be a good start. No matter what happens, with Cartier remaining so popular, I don’t think Maxi will ever be called upon by the Oval. But know that I called the shotgun much earlier than anyone else.

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