IKEA Installer is Building its Name One Kitchen at a Time

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How new cabinet installation collaboration helps IKEA customers get professional IKEA kitchens

Before starting your DIY IKEA kitchen project, keep the following in mind: Even IKEA’s most experienced customers choose to hire professional installers rather than attempt to assemble and install IKEA cabinets themselves. Why? It does not necessarily reflect your installation skills. It may be due to lack of time (people work, families are busy). Previous bad experiences trying DIY (maybe it took longer than expected or (gasp!) there was a problem with measurements). Or, there may not be a qualified IKEA cabinet installer in your area. Or, simply put, IKEA cabinet assembly and installation may be best left to the professionals.

MPI is a consortium of IKEA qualified kitchen cabinet installers established to provide customers with quality craftsmanship and thoughtful service. ” The company has multiple locations (including Miami, FL, Austin, TX, and Houston, TX) and serves throughout Florida, Texas, Georgia, New York, and Southern California. We are also well-positioned for future growth and, more importantly, will be able to reach more IKEA customers across the country who require professional installation services.

“Currently, there is a gap in the market for quality service at scale. We are committed to becoming the gold standard for IKEA installations in the United States: easy to find, easy to work with, easy to trust, and delivering quality work.” We know there’s a need, and if we focus on the customer one installation at a time, we’re sure to get noticed,” said partner Josh Abel. say.

Josh is one of MPI’s three partners: a Danish mastermind, former founder of Traemand Installation Services, and a licensed general contractor and architect who has operated an IKEA facility in Florida for nearly 15 years. ). He noted that his partner has been installing his IKEA kitchens in the United States for various other companies for nearly 30 years and has extensive experience with IKEA products.

The average size of a kitchen that MPI installs varies depending on where the project is located across the United States, and there is no size or room that his company won’t accommodate. Minimum installation price is $750. “Each installation is different, but they all command the same attention and respect,” Josh points out. He added that some jobs are worth less than the minimum ($750) and the company may make exceptions.

Let’s see how MPI works in your IKEA kitchen.

why design
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Why design with IKD?

collaboration and quality

At MPI, we focus on the assembly and installation of IKEA cabinets and laminate or butcher block countertops. Some MPI installers also offer demolition and other modification services.

“Our working model is to find customers with needs, very specific needs that we are familiar with. Our main mission is to assist with the process and installation of IKEA kitchens. On the other hand, we work with a select group of installers who know the ins and outs of IKEA installation and who align with IKEA’s values. We care deeply, are trustworthy and Safety is a priority and the talent is there,” Josh explains.

Today, the company has several installation teams in each region MPI serves (Miami, FL, Houston, TX, and Austin, TX), and MPI has completed 1,000 installations in its first year of operation. We plan to install much more than that.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the company welcomes custom cabinet installations from third-party custom cabinet makers (Semi-Handmade, Renovated, Coquina, Shah’s, etc.), but IKEA continues to do so. is focused on. That said, MPI is also open to IKEA cabinet “hacks,” noting that every kitchen design is unique, so there’s a huge demand for hacks. The company’s pricing is based on the time and effort required for installation. For example, a smaller, less complex installation will cost less than a large installation with a large number of drawers and lighting connections in every cabinet.

“We consider all kitchen designs for ease of installation, safety and functionality before we quote for installation. If the design is safe and functional, we will install it,” Josh explains. Masu.

(Note: MPI’s other services include dry-fitting equipment, but the company does not make electrical or plumbing connections. )

customer experience

One of the keys to MPI’s success is how the company puts its customers first. Therefore, most of his customers find this company through his MPI website, social media, word of mouth, and referrals from partners.

“The kitchen is the most important room in the house.” [the] House. It’s not just a job for customers.it’s their life [and our work needs to reflect that]” says Josh.

MPI customers typically place orders, sign contracts and pay deposits around the time they receive an estimated delivery date. Interestingly, MPI is constantly in touch with customers in case of unexpected delays in the installation process.

“In our experience, the actual delivery date or actual installation date for the cabinets varies based on other factors in the kitchen renovation process. Once the kitchen is delivered and inventory is complete, it typically takes 1-2 We’ll have it installed within a week. Installation usually takes two days,” he explains.

In particular, most of MPI’s customers use IKEA’s Home Planner to submit their kitchen designs. (Note: MPI does not accept orders for IKEA cabinets for customers.) Finally, Josh says that IKEA customers can greatly improve the installation process (and overall experience) by taking accurate measurements while leveraging professional design and floor plans. Masu. Proper and timely site preparation. Order accurately and check inventory on delivery day to ensure all items are accounted for, including IKEA add-ons.

execute the plan

At the end of the day, says Josh, the real key is to start your kitchen project with a high-quality, professional IKEA kitchen design.

“The two characteristics I look for in a good IKEA kitchen design are to make the most of space and to make the most of the functionality of the IKEA interior equipment. This is because of its amazing ability to adapt to any space, but more importantly because of the quality and variety of its interior accessories (drawers, hinges, lighting, etc.).A well-designed kitchen “Shows a strong understanding of how much you can actually do with IKEA products,” he says.

Only experienced professionals who are familiar with IKEA’s product line can bring out the best of IKEA. Additionally, there are many homeowners who really need help with their kitchens.

“We encourage all IKEA customers to contact us, no matter what they need. Even if we don’t do the kitchen installation, we would be happy to have the opportunity to help someone. . We truly enjoy what we do,” Josh concluded.

So, before you go it alone, keep in mind that there are many benefits to working with a professional IKEA cabinet installer like MPI and having a professional kitchen design. Our design team will guide you every step of the way. let’s start!

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