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Huskies have a lot of fur and shed it twice a year, but don’t be afraid. Grooming is easy if you know the secret (hint: never shave your Husky’s coat!). Tim Vogel, CEO of Dog Grooming Franchise Scent Houndtakes a closer look at his top three tips for grooming your husky.

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How to groom a husky

Tip 1: Never shave your Husky’s coat.

Huskies have double coats. This means they have a long, stiff topcoat and a soft, feathery undercoat that provides warmth, cooling, and protection. Shaving your Husky’s fur can get hot and cause sunburn to his skin. Tim says shaving also damages the top coat and disrupts the hair growth cycle, so it can take years for the hair to grow back properly.

Huskies shed their coats naturally, so there is no need to go to the groomer regularly. To keep your Husky’s coat and skin healthy, focus on speeding up the brushing and shedding process using the proper tools (listed below).

To maintain healthy nails, read our guide to trimming your dog’s nails at home or visit a professional groomer every four to six weeks.

For other breeds, there is no need to shave.

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Tip 2: Establish a grooming routine for your Husky

Husky grooming should include at least monthly baths and weekly brushing. This prevents the undercoat from matting, Tim says. Tim says matted fur isn’t just unsightly, it can also be very painful.

Recording your weekly grooming schedule in a diary can help you establish and maintain good habits.

Tip 3: Groom more often during shedding season

Finally, Tim recommends that Husky parents give their huskies extra grooming during the shedding season, which usually occurs twice a year in the spring and fall. During this period, the husky sheds its undercoat. This is also called the coat atrium, and it regulates body temperature depending on the season. Give your dog a weekly bath and brush it daily. This removes loose coats and prevents matting, Tim says.

During the shedding season, hair grows everywhere. Here are some recommended items for cleaning dog hair.

Tools to make grooming your Husky easier

The four most important grooming tools for your Husky are:

With the right tools and knowledge, dog parents can easily prevent tangles in their Huskies.

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