How to Make Homemade Shampoo

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I’ve made natural alternatives for body washes, dry shampoos, and other hair care products, but homemade shampoo was the hardest. After many (unsuccessful) experiments, I finally came up with a recipe for a moisturizing homemade shampoo. Because it uses natural ingredients, your hair will be soft and smooth!

DIY shampoo

I wanted to get away from commercial shampoos that are full of unhealthy preservatives, synthetic chemicals, and artificial fragrances. Many commercially available shampoos are not very good for your hair and scalp.

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I’ve tried the “no poop” method and it’s had great results for some people, But it didn’t work for me at all (and I have some awful Christmas photos to prove it!). If your hair is typically thick and dry, this method may be best for you. I have baby oily hair and this didn’t work for me.

For those unfamiliar with no-poo, it usually involves rubbing baking soda water into your scalp instead of shampoo. Many people then use an ACV rinse and sometimes apply coconut oil to the ends of their hair as a conditioner. Some people find it to be wonderfully effective, while others report itchy scalp, hair loss, and gunk buildup within the hair follicles. Over time, it can also strip your hair of its natural oils.

Don’t want to make it?

When I’m traveling or don’t have time to make my own, I’ve used several organic shampoos that have been very effective. My favorites are:

  • wellness shampoo – I co-founded this company and helped formulate the recipes. We use ingredients that are not only non-toxic but also have proven health benefits. Curly hair options are also available!
  • Morrocco Method Raw and Natural Organic Shampoo – This doesn’t lather like regular shampoo, but it was great for my hair and helped strengthen it over time.

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