How to Guide a Customer to the Right Pair of Sunglasses

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December 8, 2023 Olympic Eyewear


Our industry is somewhat unique compared to other industries involved in consumer goods. Almost every adult needs and wants a good pair of sunglasses, but deciding what to buy isn’t always easy. Consumers can be overwhelmed by the number of choices available for men, women, and children. How can I help? Direct customers to the right pair for them.

You know the drill. Designer sunglasses come in a variety of styles, including wayfarers, aviators, and cat eyes. Available in a variety of frame and lens colors. Consumers should also consider whether they need UV protection or polarized lenses. So many thoughts rush into their minds as they stand at the kiosk, staring into their sunglasses like a deer in headlights.

In such a scenario, you have one of three options. The first option is to leave the customer alone and let them solve the problem themselves. The second option is to pick out sunglasses for them and start telling them all the reasons why they should buy them. The last and best option in our opinion is to guide you to the right sunglasses.

sell to ourselves

When you guide rather than sell, you give your customers the opportunity to maintain control of the transaction. Guiding means ultimately not selling anything. Rather, the customer is selling sunglasses to himself. They decide what they want and what they need. They decide what looks best on them. Your job is simply to guide them along the way by answering questions and offering expert advice.

In an industry that has historically relied on pushy selling, guiding customers through the sales process has emerged in recent years. Plan your trip. Travel agents are now doing much the same for their customers as we recommend for your company. They ask targeted questions designed to help customers understand how to put together the best trip possible.

If you imagine selling designer sunglasses like planning a trip, you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​what we’re talking about. You don’t want to tell your customers what’s best. We want to help them figure it out for themselves.

A basic framework to guide your customers

Don’t be afraid of the idea of ​​directing your customers to the right pair of sunglasses. It’s not as difficult as you think. The basic framework begins by asking questions designed to help you better understand your customer’s needs.

When asked about UV protection, lens polarization. Ask how they use their sunglasses most often. Ask them about the features that are most important to them. As you gradually come to understand their needs better, so will they. That’s the important part.

Once they understand their needs, you can begin to help them understand their wants. Ask them to try on a pair and give you their opinion on what they think about the look. You can try different styles until you find one that really makes you smile. By clarifying both needs and wants, a customer can find the perfect pair by selecting only one option.

We have no doubt that some of our wholesale customers still prefer a push-and-sell strategy. However, if you’re looking for a new way to sell your designer sunglasses, consider taking a new approach. Instead of telling your customers what they need, consider directing them to the right pair of sunglasses. Mentoring them may prove more fruitful.

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