Funny Dog Posts From Last Week (Apr 01)

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Welcome to The Weekly Roundup on Dogington Post. In this corner, we scour the internet for interesting posts about furry friends.

To start the year, from March 24th to March 30th, we’ll be bringing you some funny dog ​​posts to help you get through the rest of the week.

If you’re having a boring day, these posts are sure to cheer you up.

When they try retail therapy:

When you show yourself how beautiful/handsome you look in the mirror:

when it is assumed Fuman I’m not giving them treats.

When they work hard:

When you dog whisper:

When you do a little toe dance after seeing a snack:

When they wrestle with their brothers:

Hiring great employees:

“Come in, loser. I’m going shopping”:

For “Dance Dance Revolution” experts:

When they’re just as clingy as you:

When their perfect appearance cheers you up:

If you forget to put the stairs back on:

If both are connected:

When they grow… they get bigger(?):

To disguise it as a powdered sugar donut:

Whatever this game is:

Having an eco-friendly trash can:

When they are determined:

When they start their own business:

When they lie through their teeth (pun very intentional):

When they hear people’s voices, they say:

When they throw a tantrum:

When you own a cat and a dog, you notice a distinct difference.

When they nap like we do:

If you have friends who are into sports:


What friends are for. They came back for him 🥹🩷#friends #dogs #dog #tuktuk #americanbully #puppy #staffy #luluandtuktuk #puppylove #dogsoftiktok #nz #auckland #fyp #funnydog #americanbullyofficial

♬ original sound – Lulu_andTuktuk

When the puppy meets the doll:

Unmanicured hair reminds me of my hometown.

If a weekly roundup isn’t enough for you, check out last week’s series of posts.

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