Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo released on PS5

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Square Enix releases free trial version final fantasy 7 reverse After unveiling the second part of the remake of the 1997 classic on PlayStation 5; Dedicated State of Play stream on tuesday.

The demo is divided into two parts, the second part will be added in a later update. The first part currently available is almost the first complete chapter of the game. You can play as the hero Cloud and the antagonist Sephiroth in an early flashback section called the “Nibelheim Episode,” which is based on memorable moments from the original game. This is very dramatic and a great jumping-off point to Final Fantasy 7’s story.

The second part of the demo will be added between now and the game’s release on February 29th, giving players a taste of combat and exploration in a more open setting, Junon, and a boss battle in the fishing village of Under Junon. finish. . In this second section of his life, he chooses from Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and Red XIII to form a party of three and develop character synergies while hunting monsters on the world map before facing the boss. You can try it. Polygon had the chance to play this section in September, and it was a great opportunity to get a taste of most of it. reproduction Play like.

Unfortunately, the demo contains various sections, so reproductionwhen it releases for PS5 on February 29th, your progress won’t carry over throughout the game.

Elsewhere in State of Play, Square Enix reproduction‘s structure and features include often surreal and entertaining side quests and mini-games that flesh out what appears to be a colorful and expansive adventure.

Polygon recently had the opportunity to play the upcoming opening hours. reproduction. After an important first chapter that recalls the events of Nibelheim, the action moves to the beautiful town of Callum. Callum is where Cloud and his friends are resting after the Nibelheim incident. final fantasy 7 remake. There we were able to chat with the party and locals, as well as explore some of the game’s systems, including a promising Gwent-like collectible card game called Queen’s Blood. After escaping from a Shinra raid on Callum, the action moves to the grasslands for open exploration reminiscent of the Junon section of the demo.

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