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After Friday’s hard ride, we cruised south to San Martin yesterday for an easy 1 hour and 43 minute ride. These recovery rides always make me feel better. I call it “spitting the dirt out of my feet.”

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After recently discussing my yearly (and monthly and weekly) cycling records, I realized the following. World Ultra Cycling Association Website. They currently record annual records such as distance covered in 6 hours and his 12 hours. If you want to submit your ride information, just provide your strava data or other GPS data. But there’s a catch. Rides shorter than 90 miles cannot be submitted. Anything less is considered too casual and you know what “ultra” means in ultracycling. I was able to look up some past records to see how fast people my age were. No records were found in the 70+ category, but the 60-69 age group had monthly records of over 4,000 miles. I said I thought I could run about 1500 miles a month if I really tried, and I thought that was a lot. This expands your horizons…

World Ultra Cycling Association: Alan S. Johnson, 60-69 age division 4007.5 mile record holder

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