Dragon’s Dogma 2 new game option, 30 fps cap out now on PS5 and Steam

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first patch dragons dogma 2 Officially released on PlayStation 5 and Steam. In addition to some new graphics settings, it adds the option to start a new save file and increases the number of “Art of Metamorphosis” books in the game (which allow you to change your character’s appearance). You can take a look. Full patch notes here. A patch for the Xbox Series X version of the game is expected in the coming days.

originally, dragons dogma 2 There was only one save slot on offer. This meant that if a player wanted to restart the game, perhaps try a different specialization, their only option was to manually delete the save file at the system level first. This process is tedious and requires disabling your cloud saves and, if you’re a Steam player, actually locating your game’s saves on your hard drive.

Capcom originally said this The first update will add an option to start a new game if save data already exists. dragons dogma 2. This does not actually mean that his second save slot for new characters has been added. This update simply makes it easier to overwrite save data from within the game itself.

Capcom also said it has added a frame rate cap of 30 frames per second to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game. At the basic level, the game runs at an uncapped frame rate. This means it can run faster than 30 fps in some cases. However, this can lead to inconsistent and unstable performance (especially for players without variable refresh rate displays). The 30 fps cap should ensure a more consistent and stable feel for the game, but it’s currently only available on PS5.

Capcom also added an option to the console version to disable motion blur and ray tracing graphical effects. dragons dogma 2However, it warns that doing so “will not have a significant impact on frame rates.” Framerate improvements will be made in a “future update.” PC players will now be able to get higher quality results from DLSS.

The inventory of the “Art of Metamorphosis” item, which was previously in very limited supply, has been increased to 99 items in the Pawn Guild. The change appears to target criticism of microtransactions in games, such as the sale of “Art of Metamorphosis” for $1.99. This change simply means that players will not be able to afford in-game prices that would force them to pay real money to change the appearance of their character or the main his pawn. (No changes have been announced for other rare items that can be purchased as microtransactions, such as wakestones and port crystals.)

Other changes make it easier to get your own home early in the game, as well as various text displays and bug fixes.

Capcom said it will release updates “as soon as they are ready for distribution on each platform.”

Update (March 29): The original story of the upcoming patch has been updated with more details.

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