Dog Gets Rescued By Coast Guard After Surviving In a Shipping Container For 8 Days With No Food

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The dog was discovered and rescued by a team of U.S. Coast Guard marine inspectors during a routine inspection of a shipping container at the Port of Houston.

US Coast Guard Heartland revealed on Facebook that four marine inspectors were busy randomly selecting shipping containers to inspect on Wednesday, January 31st.

“Suddenly, I heard barking and scratching sounds coming from one of the stacked containers. I lowered the container and opened the door, and the dog jumped out!”

The Guardian reported that a crane was used to lower the container to the ground in order to rescue the dog.

Ryan McMahon of the U.S. Coast Guard said: Associated Press, “As soon as I opened it, I saw a little dog’s face pop out. She was right there, like she knew we were there to open it. And She just wasn’t scared.”

“She seemed happier than anything to be out of that dark space and in the arms of people who cared for her.” Mr. McMahon added.

Marine inspectors later discovered that the dog, who became known as Connie the Container Dog, had been trapped in the container for at least a week without food or water.

McMahon gets Connie a little dirty. “I’ve definitely lost a lot of weight.” when they found her.

“Coast Guard members gave her water and took her to a local animal shelter for further care.” The U.S. Coast Guard Heartland newspaper writes:

McMahon and three other detectives then drove Connie to the hospital. Pasadena Animal Shelter So they were immediately tested.

The Pasadena Animal Shelter would like to thank the marine inspector who rescued the dog.They are I have written, “Let’s salute the heroes who not only protect our water, but also save our loved ones in need.”

Connie is currently in the care of rescuers. “Animal protection efforts that changed forever” As a foster parent, we are working to nurse her back to health.

While the rescue organization works to nurse Connie back to health, those interested in adopting this cute dog can visit Enter animal ID 168752 on the application form.

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