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I’m always trying to find ways to become a smarter shopper, whether it’s buying second-hand or using browser extensions like: honey, or evaluate cost per wear. Earlier this year, I decided to look back at some of my best purchases of all time, based on cost per wear. In hindsight, it’s certainly 20/20. It’s often difficult to predict which items will come back again and again and which ones will be worn less often.

What is the wear cost rule?

Cost per wear is simply the cost of an item when you buy it divided by the number of times you wear it. Once you know your ideal ‘cost per wear’, you should apply this to all future purchases. For me, it makes me think more deeply about how often I plan on wearing something and whether it’s worth the cost. I’m not using an exact science, but I thought it would be fun to look through my closet and guess which items had the highest cost per wear.

Top 10 items with the highest cost per wear

Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the items that ranked high on my personal cost-per-wear list were fairly expensive items. These are often things I thought long and hard about purchasing and imagined would be easy to pair with things I already own. When purchasing these items, I also thought about the end use and how easily they could be worn on a daily basis.

That being said, there are some items on my cost per wear list that you won’t have to pay a fortune for. There are also some more budget-friendly impulse buys. These items have been worn over and over again, even without thinking twice and increasing the ticket price. Note also that I cheated a little. Please don’t get angry. It included several items that were given to me or received as gifts. For these, since I know the sticker price, I simply applied how many times I wore them to this. Without further ado, these are the 10 best cost-to-wear items currently in my closet…

nili rotan jacket // first purchased Nili Lotan jacket I immediately bought one for my trip to Paris (see here) as I really liked its construction and quality. This one When it’s on store shelves. These jackets are the perfect finishing touch for both casual and dressy looks and have become a true workhorse in my closet.

demelier bag // This Demelier bag I liked it so much that I decided to post it in full here. High quality, durable and minimalistic, it’s the perfect bag for all your everyday things.might come back this size.

prada platform shoes // my prada platform It was a surprising item. When I bought it for the holiday party season, I knew I would definitely wear it, but I had no idea how often I would wear it. It’s surprisingly comfortable and even more appealing in person.

air sunglasses // Since I have a round/heart-shaped face and prefer oversized sunglasses, it’s often difficult to find shades that are big enough for me. For just $40, these This is my favorite aviator in my collection.I should also be careful these Perhaps consistently my AIRE sunglasses.

pointed collar // this collar is one of my favorite recent purchases, and judging by the clicks and conversions, it could be yours too. I keep finding new ways to wear it every season.

Longines Mini Dolce Vita // longines has been a long-time favorite of mine, and now I’m loving one of its newest watches. mini dolce vita. It’s such a great watch, and its size, shape, and finish make it elegant enough to dress up, yet minimalistic enough to wear as an everyday item.

gucci vintage pin // My husband gave it to me this vintage pin It was given to me as a gift many years ago and it remains one of my most treasured items. As you know, I love a good blazer, and this bad boy has nailed many over the years.

Chanel Caviar Black Classic Medium Double Flap Bag // I’m unsure about purchasing this bag About 4 years ago. Everything has gone up in price since then, but I’m really glad I bought it. I was torn between gold or silver hardware, but I’m glad I finally settled on silver.

mother tomcat denim // I don’t always post every denim look, but there are quite a few in this post if you’re interested. MOTHER is one of my favorite denim brands and currently owns tomcat jeans Three washes and it’s my most beloved denim style.

pachari pearl earrings // Is there anything more chic than pearl studs? These earrings are timeless yet fun, and we love that they’re a little larger. Of course they’re currently sold out, but you can find a similar pair. still available here.

Formula for calculating cost per wear

This cost per wear formula exercise is a lot of fun and will help you stay informed about future purchases. This is not a complete list and I may have left out some items. Things that come to mind are the Adidas Gazelle shoes, the Savette bag, My Vineyard Vines Cable Cashmere Sweater And vintage Chanel earrings.

What should I do next? What is the worst cost per worn item? 🙁

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