Cat Logic: I’ll Sleep Anywhere But There (with Video)

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Photo by Dr. Karin Kanofsky

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Hello, this is Dr. Karin. Read my bio, get to know me more, and meet his five cheerful cats: Clutch, Cyril, Alex, Zelda, and Zazzles.

There is a tradition in our family that says, “Because it’s a cat.”

When a cat (or cats) does something inexplicable or irritating, it doesn’t always make sense. Because, cat. Because despite what we know about cat intelligence, sometimes cats seem to enjoy defying logic. Because it’s as if they are really excited about causing confusion and frustration to their human servants. And when you decide to point out the error of their ways, they give you a withering look and show us that they knew what they were doing all along. Masu.

Take Alex, for example. He has recently taken to jumping on top of the fridge, clearly enjoying the view from up high. Sometimes he seems worried, he makes heartbreaking cries, he can’t seem to get off himself and jumps off as soon as we ask for help. Having learned our lesson, we try to ignore him now, but he will continue to scream frantically until we dutifully drag the stepladder down. As soon as one of us stepped onto the ladder, boom, he jumped down onto the table and walked away. If I could, I’d probably be giggling all the way upstairs. Because it’s a cat.

Alex is perfect at getting off the fridge by himself.
Alex is perfect at getting off the fridge by himself.

Next, there is the issue of cat beds, which I am sure you are all aware of. If you don’t want your cat to sleep somewhere, put a bed there.

Sometimes I think it’s childish stubbornness. Unless it’s their idea, it’s not a good idea. Sometimes they seem angry that we’ve ruined their perfectly comfortable, uncomfortable sleeping area with a nice, soft bed. It’s as if they’re saying, “If you want a comfortable bed, you’ll find it in no time.” It’s a complete insult to my intelligence. ”Personally, I think they are angry. The fluffy bed is very comfortable!

What’s more, the more money you spend on your bed, the less you use it.

Bed price and probability that a cat will use the bed

Most people who live with cats will agree that cats are easily offended, are independent thinkers, and don’t like to be coddled or condescending. Perhaps accepting a kind offer of a cozy bed suggests a weakness in their abilities, or perhaps their human slave needs more than just a warm wrap to open a can of food. I guess you’re acknowledging that there is a possibility.

Or maybe we’re overthinking it. Perhaps the reason is “because it’s a cat.”

get the upper hand

Fortunately, we crafty humans, myself included, are starting to think of ways to get out of this situation, and we’ve figured out how to “trick” our cats into using the bedding we’re working so hard to provide. I’m figuring it out. I think the trick is to treat the bed like a discarded piece of scrap or something your cat shouldn’t sleep on. This works especially well with clutches.

Clutch sleeping on a log
Clutch sleeping on a decorative log

Clutch’s favorite sleeping places are usually as follows, in order of priority:

  1. my head
  2. Uncomfortable, hard objects (e.g. fruit bowls, garbage cans, decorative logs, etc.)
  3. newly washed clothes
  4. freshly washed black clothes
  5. brand new clothes
  6. brand new black clothes
  7. visitor’s brand new black clothes

GIF of brand new black clothes by Dr. Karin
Therefore, to “trick” the clutch and enjoy the luxury of a new bed, you just need to put a clean laundry on it and kick the clutch out of there several times, giving the impression that it should not be there.

Let's go shopping
Clutch for shopping

The rest of the cats in the house can be a tough nut to crack. The first step is do not have Place your bed in your target location or where you already sleep. Through a process of trial and error, I’ve found that rather than accepting the bed as a gift, my cat needs to “find” the bed and claim it as his own. It has to be their idea. Once the bed is accepted, it can be moved to a more convenient location, but this must be done secretly. If the cat sees me moving the bed, it’s game over.

And finally, a clutch using a radiator bed!
And finally, a clutch using a radiator bed!

Who is deceiving whom?

Some of you may have read that my strategy for getting my cats to actually sleep in their new beds is a bit strange. I’m sure some of you have implemented similar covert tactics to get your cat to accept a new bed.

Zazzles “discovered” this bed on my desk…

And as I was feeling victorious and enjoying the sight of my cats snuggled up in a nice warm bed, I began to wonder: Did I manage to control them or did they Do you want to sit back and enjoy their human complex antics? Why does it always have to be this complicated?

Because, cat.

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