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Today I was aiming to run briskly in “zone 2”, where my heart rate is around 110-120. My average time when I went up to South San Jose and back to the recumbent was 112, so I hit the mark pretty well. It rained unexpectedly for the first hour or so, but it cleared up by the time we returned.I posted my ride report on Strava. here. I also rode a short distance to my doctor’s appointment on my easy-to-lock upright electric bike in the afternoon.

My only problem was a flat tire towards the end of my morning ride. The leak was slow enough that I was able to hobble home without repair, but I had to stop four times to refill the pump. An unexpected upper body workout! I had a lot of problems with the recumbent front tires. It is less sturdy than the rear tire (Schwalbe’s “Marathon Plus”, which has the highest puncture resistance). So, when I got home, I ordered another Marathon Plus for the front. These have more rolling resistance so they can slow you down a bit, but you’d be surprised how much that starts to matter once you experience a lot of punctures. Reliability is more important than performance.

Bernal Grunack Joyce Ranch, part of Santa Teresa Park. It was sunny, so I took a break here on the way home.
Same location on a sunny day (March 4th)
Also March 4: From here you can also see the beginning of the steep road to Santa Teresa Park. I have never ridden it, but I have been on a hike that starts here. Without a proper warm-up, the first incline will hit you.

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