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Today was supposed to be Tuesday’s group ride, but rain was forecast so I didn’t participate. We rode anyway and prepared for the rain, which ultimately didn’t arrive until the end of the ride. I was able to cover 35 miles in very nice weather.

It was still sunny on the way home

Today was a “hard” day on the bike, so I rode for just over 90 minutes at a fast but manageable “Zone 2” tempo, followed by some faster longer intervals to improve my lactate threshold. Then I put in some fast sprints with long recoveries in between. It then ends with a brief cooldown. This is something I’ve been working hard on lately and it’s been challenging but feels great. In the words of the great running coach Bill Bowerman, a good workout should “lead you feeling refreshed, not tired,” and this workout does exactly that.

I did all of this on a Corsa recumbent configured with 20-inch wheels front and rear. I’m really enjoying this. It makes for a compact yet fast little bike. It reminds me of the first comfortable recumbent I ever owned, the Land’s Rocket. This is a classic that was unfortunately never made. Corsa is similar, but lighter and faster.

Me riding a Lance rocket. That was about 18 years ago!
Corsa equipped with 20-inch wheels front and rear

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