Brandi Mallory: The Woman. The Legend. The Experience

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When I was younger, I never thought of myself as a confident plus size girl. As I got older, I realized that I was considered more than “pretty for a big girl.” I learned that beautiful lesson in college.

I didn’t have positive, plus-size role models growing up. Like every other big girl in America, I was finding inspiration in fictional characters that didn’t reflect the woman I wanted to be – fierce, confident, and bold.

The University of the South changed everything for me. why? Because big girls were poppin’! Clark Atlanta University (CAU) had beautiful plus size women on campus like Brand. She later became my pageant mother in the “Bold, Beautiful, and Society Chic” pageant and helped shape me into the confident woman I am today.

“She loved everyone and so many people loved her.”

Accepting that one of my college role models is no longer here is a hard thing to swallow. Losing someone you respect is never an easy experience. And despite realizing how short our time on earth is, each new loss is another brutal reminder that life is temporary.

There are not enough words to fully describe how much she meant to her loved ones and the CAU family. But I hope my words are enough for those who don’t realize how much of an impact she had on those around her and the legacy she left behind.


Brandi’s influence extended far beyond her immediate circle. She was a former contestant on the hit TV show ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ who is a makeup artist, plus positivity advocate, and fitness enthusiast. She touched the lives of celebrities, as well as size models, the young women she mentored, and countless other women who found solace in her message of self-love. Brandi’s upbeat personality and positivity rubbed off on everyone she interacted with.

two peas in a pod

One of the first people I immediately thought of after hearing the news was Brandi’s best friend and brother, CJ Washington. The two had known each other for 25 years and were a big part of each other’s lives.

“Brandi was pretty inspiring and lived. She’s a very inspirational person and wanted to see body positivity for plus-size women. That’s what I loved about her. ” explained the entrepreneur. “When Brandi entered her room, she ordered her room as a plus-size woman. She was [also] Being a “transformative enthusiast” is huge. [She] Whether it’s through makeup, fitness, or other types of methods, it has helped transform the mind, body, and soul. That was exactly what she embodied. ”

Washington described his best friend as “the epitome of love and light.” “She loved everyone and so many people loved her,” he explained.

Witnessing CJ Washington’s strength over the last month is inexplicable. Not only did he take the time to meet everyone in attendance, but he also ensured that CAU celebrated Brandi in the best way possible during her candlelight service.

“Seeing all the love she received, whether it was her home-based services or the candlelight vigils we had in Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles, my best friend It shows you how much of an impact you have had on people,” Washington shared. “Brandi let her light shine and people felt it. They saw it.”

Image provided by Brandi Mallory’s family

“She broke so many stereotypes about women with curves through mentoring young women, competing in pageants, and being a fitness ambassador for plus-size women. So her legacy is Tremendous,” he added.

Washington plans to continue to uphold Brandy’s legacy.

Brandi Mallory’s Bold, Beautiful, and Chic Social Impact

While attending CAU, Mallory was a member of multiple organizations, including Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and CAU’s First Attendant of the Royal Court from 2010-2011. But the organizations she transformed her life into, including mine, were the Bold, the Beautiful, and the Chic Society. This is a place that represents authentic women on campus.

Brandi Mallory was part of the first-ever “Bold, Beautiful and Chic” (BBC) pageant. Her pageant sister and best friend, Keia Walker, later became my pageant mother. The two spent countless hours working tirelessly for the organization. They also couldn’t separate on campus and contributed to my first gray hair in college. Girl get it!

“We served in the First Court of Bold, Beautiful, and Chic Society. Brandi was the first attendant, ‘Miss Full Figurel,’ and I was the second attendant, ‘Miss Double. It was XL. “It was the organization’s first court in January 2009,” Walker recalls.

IMG 6644
Image provided by Brandi Mallory’s family

“Even at first, she took me in right away. When we started pageants, she took me under her wing. We were the same size, so we were able to relate to each other. We were the two “plus plus” girls in the pageant.So I immediately clicked [and] She always took care of me. And even though we were competitive, we always worked together. So it never felt like a competition with her. It was always me and her against the world,” Walker admitted. They treated and loved each other like sisters.

Walker continued. “After the pageant, I worked with her across the BBC. I was president and she was vice-president, and we worked closely together over the years, coordinating pageants across the organization. Even after that [Brandi’s] “Graduating, Brandi was always active in organizations,” she added.

She praised her sister’s hard work and dalliance for always being the best. “Brandy uses the quote, ‘If you reach for the stars, you might end up at the top of the tree, but at least you got off the ground,'” Walker revealed.

“No matter what Brandi did, I feel like she always reached for the stars. She always reached out to do the greatest thing she could. When she was running to Miscow and Like, she knew there was one previous plus-size contestant who ran, and she was the second attendant. But Brandi wanted to win the queen title. That was her goal,” Walker added. “So she reached for the stars. She has always strived for her greatness…in herself and in others.”

Watching Brandi run for Miscow that year was an experience many on campus will never forget. Especially young plus size students. Brandi won First Attendant.

Brandi’s influence on Walker was her “go-getter” mentality and desire for greatness. She always wanted people to know that you have fears and she can still achieve greatness.

“Brandi had a moment of doubt and fear. She has her moment and then says, ‘Okay, let me pull it together.’ But I think because people always looked at her wonderfulness and greatness that she did, sometimes they forgot that she was still human. They were few and far between, but she had her moments. I think anyone can relate to it,” she said.

Brandi uses quotes. “If you reach for the stars, you might end up at the top of a tree, but at least you got off the ground!”

keia walker

Keeping Brandi Mallory’s legacy alive

Walker plans to keep Brandi’s legacy alive by getting the BBC up and running again and restarting the BBC Pageant. Additionally, the current women are renaming the pageant in Brandi’s honor.

Brandi Mallory is more than just a friend, she’s a mentor who shaped people’s perspectives on beauty. She taught me that beauty is not limited to a certain size or shape. With her bold and unapologetic attitude, Brandi shattered the myth that plus-size people can’t be “sexy” or “beautiful.”

As we mourn the loss of Brandi, please remember the vibrant and fearless woman she was and carry forward the lessons she passed on. Brandi’s legacy lives on through her family and friends. Whether it was a plus-size girl on a small military base, her childhood best friend, or her fellow peer turned pageant sister, she taught everyone an invaluable lesson .

She reminded us that this world needs constant reminders to embrace diversity and celebrate everyone. May we all strive to embody the unapologetic confidence and resilience that she so effortlessly embodied.

If you want to honor Brandi’s memory, she delta sigma theta line sisters teeth host a challenge her honor.

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