Bob Nightengale keeps trying to rehab Trevor Bauer

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In sports, sometimes we have no choice but to cover despicable people because their behavior cannot be ignored.Trevor Bauer is that, not that Bob Nightengale didn’t stop auditioning to get paidnext to Rachel Luba, where she does little more than occasionally become a bullhorn.

Nightingale was only too happy to try to cover up the cause of Bauer’s banishment from Major League Baseball, or to defend Bauer’s completely pointless runouts against Dodgers minor leaguers. Nightingale also seemed to want to point out that there were fans rooting for Bauer and no one booed him, forgetting that there are 100 loons supporting any cause. Heck, as we all learned from the last election, you can find 70 million people to do so. Just because no one around him booed Bauer doesn’t mean the baseball world has forgiven him. That said, we had succeeded in banishing him to the ghostland of wind and baseball, and we were all pretty sure he would stay there. Besides, who else would go to a backfield game that doesn’t involve MLB players, other than some sick person who wants to tell the world that sexual assault is not a disqualifying factor?

Nightengale could have left it alone, like everyone else did, but perhaps he couldn’t help but pick up the scabs (Bauer’s was particularly pus-filled). He only mentioned that Bauer was suspended for violating MLB’s rules regarding domestic violence and sexual assault, but did not mention the horrific things Bauer has been accused of. multiple At least she was believable enough for MLB to kick him out of the league.

To Nightengale, it wasn’t as important as what Bauer hit on the radar gun or why some minor leaguers couldn’t hit him, as if Bauer’s talent was in question or if this was due to injury or age. It seemed like a comeback story. This is another frustrating example of how sports issues, like many other issues, are assumed to be two-sided. It started with the plague of Skip Bayless yelling something at someone like a normal tornado siren test, but it slipped into this much darker territory. Just because Bauer is suspended and wants to pitch in MLB again doesn’t mean someone needs to take his case or that he has the right to do so.

Bauer has lost his privilege as an MLB player, but everyone is happier that way. There is no arc of redemption here. And Nightengale doesn’t have to make it just because he wants to. Let Bauer occupy the world out of nowhere he has won. Then we all move on. But then again, Nightengale always existed in his own no-where, stupid world. Perhaps that’s what drew him to Bauer in the first place.

USWNT rebounds

The USWNT has found the form to win the World Gold Cup, at least in some sense. After winning the semi-final against Canada in a unique tug-of-war, they were able to play an actual soccer match in Sunday’s final, facing Brazil and winning 1-0.

Were they playing free, artistic soccer? No, not really, but like I said when we lost to Mexico, most of the team is still in the NWSL preseason and is far from stellar. No wonder the players who looked the best were Lindsay Horan and Corbin Albert, both in the middle of their European seasons.

That’s not to say there weren’t positives. In the final, the USWNT showed off their 4-4-2 diamond formation, which they had not shown much of before. Sam Coffey and Albert destroyed the ball in midfield and provided an attack on base that the team hadn’t had in a while. In fact, Coffey’s instincts and grit led to the only goal of the game.

Brazil probably mixed in better moves, but they couldn’t get any shots on target in the first half thanks to the iron curtain of Naomi Dilma and Tierna Davidson. After inducing turnovers in the midfield, the U.S. looked lively on the counter, and will probably continue to play like this when Emma Hayes shows up this summer.

This victory doesn’t completely erase the loss to Mexico, but it almost erases it. If there is any benefit, it will be that the team understands that they are vulnerable to any opponent and cannot take too many days off. There was a lot of experimentation with both personnel and tactics, presumably to give Hayes more video and balance the different fitness levels of the members within the team. We saw three-back and four-back systems with and without wingers. Mr. Hayes always has a sample of the system he wants to adopt.

After his unforgettable performance against Mexico, Coffey has developed into the tournament and is one of the best at the base of midfield, both on the ball and using it to resist the press and launch direct attacks. It’s still an option. Albert also announced her presence. All in all, quite convenient.

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