Blur vs Split Second was Deep Impact vs Armageddon for mid-2000s arcade racers

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A Western-style open-world RPG from a beloved Japanese studio better known for other things is Bus. After a long time of not having one, he appears in two at the same time. See also: A Clinton-era disaster movie about Earth being destroyed by an asteroid. See also: Clinton-era disaster film about America being destroyed by a volcano. See also: article about how the White House (Bill Clinton’s former residence) was robbed by men with guns. i dunno. You’re not reading this anyway.

The main points are: Two of his superficially similar games were released at the same time. That’s why I’m asking my regular committee to come up with previous games that followed this pattern and add more meta layers. Feeling sad, I asked him to specifically promote the offspring of Deep Impact, which corresponds to this pair. Similarly, it’s not very good. Something that is not very well known. In other words, there was no related Aerosmith song.

listen. It’s just an excuse for everyone to yell at me. Please tell me your inconvenience here.

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