Best Buy’s PlayStation Portal New Ordering Trick to Easily Get One

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The huge success of Best Buy PlayStation Portal’s online regional restocks has resulted in a new ordering trick that will make it easier than ever to get units from the retailer.

If you want a PS Portal from Best Buy, one lucky gamer shared a new ordering trick that will make securing a PS Portal much easier.

This simple trick can be performed in minutes. It’s also less time-consuming than the chat tactic many people used to shop at Best Buy. Come learn this new trick!

New Best Buy ordering techniques on PlayStation Portal

A gamer has shared a new ordering technique on the Best Buy PlayStation Portal. Call your local store and ask for information about upcoming restocks.

According to this customer, The representative told them about their store. Next PS Portal drop date (February 2nd). they again, Pre-order link to make payment and reserve your unit for pickup.

Another customer also reported: PlayStation Portal product page As such, this states that this is a high-demand product. Click the links in this section to place your order for pickup at another nearby store.

  1. If you see an “Out of Stock” or “High Demand” notification on a product page, please click the link below. Some reports say that by clicking on this link, you can reserve an upcoming unit at a store near you.
Products in High Demand PlayStation Best Buy Portal Link
  1. If the above steps do not work, please contact your local Best Buy.
    • You can find our phone number by clicking on our store location in the top right corner. Then click Store Details.
Best Buy Store Locator
  1. Once you get in touch with a representative, ask when that Best Buy store’s next PlayStation Portal restock is scheduled.
  2. If you know the date or details, ask if you can provide a pre-order link. If so, you can use this link to make a payment and secure your units for the next drop.

Please note that this method is not guaranteed to work on all stores. Restocks vary by region, so units cannot be guaranteed to be available at all Best Buys. Additionally, it is not a given that all stores provide pre-order links.

Best Buy Pre-order PlayStation Portal Best Buy

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