Best Antenna For Meshtastic Handheld Node

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In today’s post, we will discuss the best Meshtastic antenna for your device. As you already know, getting an antenna that works and has good range for any wireless device is one of the most important things you need to consider. A properly tuned, high-quality antenna can be very helpful in increasing your communication range.


You may need to purchase an IPEX to SMA connector for the following antennas: Be sure to select “” from the color section.Conversion from IPEX to SMA-K” AliExpress price: 2.95USD/5 pieces


When ordering from AliExpress, consider consolidating your purchases from one seller to maximize your savings. For example, if you buy an antenna from Seller X, check to see if they also offer an IPEX to SMA-K cable. By sourcing all your products from one seller, you can significantly reduce shipping costs.

What is the best device for Meshtastic?

Explore the best Meshtastic devices with our guide! From the all-in-one T-Echo to the feature-packed T-BeamSUPREME to the modular WisBlock starter kit, find the one that best suits your needs. Check out the pros, cons and most recommended ones. Choose wisely and dive into the world of Meshtastic today!

GIZONT stands out among the brands we tested. Offering a variety of sizes, the company’s antennas are fully compatible with all frequencies supported by Meshtastic. However, it’s important to note that some comments suggest that your particular list may not be perfectly adjusted for frequency, so your results may vary. Additionally, GIZONT offers different designs for the same frequency. They boast about the antenna’s 10 dBi gain, but we remain cautious until we conduct our own testing.

Our testing focused on 433MHz antennas with lengths of 40cm, 24cm, and 20cm. The standout performance was with his 40cm antenna and his 24cm antenna, delivering 17 dBm of TX power for an impressive reach of almost 1.5 km, even within dense urban environments. Achieved distance. The 20cm version lagged slightly behind with a range of around 800 meters, but had a commendable performance considering the harsh conditions of the city centre.


ZIISOR has emerged as another prominent brand frequently recommended by Meshtastic users. Although we have not yet tested the product, it offers attractive options in a variety of designs and lengths. Notably, the company’s antennas come with his 90 degree angle option, and they also offer a version with a direct IPEX connection. Depending on the model, they advertise 3dBi to 4dBi of gain. However, it’s important to treat these claims with caution, especially when buying from platforms like AliExpress, where such numbers are not always reliable.

Similar to GIZONT, ​​ZIISOR antennas are compatible with all frequencies supported by Meshtastic and links for each frequency are included for your convenience. We haven’t vetted its performance yet, but it’s a promising choice for those considering antenna options.

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CDEBYTE, also known as EBYTE, is a specialist company in this field, particularly known for manufacturing the Lora chip, the main chip used by Meshtastic to send and receive messages. In addition to manufacturing chips, we also offer a variety of antennas for all three frequencies.

Their product is simple, a single model of a 20 cm antenna with a 90 degree angle. They advertise this antenna with gains ranging from 3.0 dBi to 3.5 dBi. Given the company’s reputation as a long-established company, there is a high level of confidence in the accuracy of the advertised numbers.

Although antenna options may seem limited when compared to other brands, it’s worth noting that simplicity often reflects accuracy. We found comments from users who tested these antennas praising their calibration. Whether this reflects exceptional quality assurance or just a lucky batch remains to be seen, but it adds to our positive impression of CDEBYTE’s products.

We hope our comprehensive review provides valuable insights that will help you make an informed decision regarding the best antenna for your requirements. We are steadfast in thoroughly testing a variety of antennas and providing detailed reviews to help you with your selection process.

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We’d love to hear about your decision. Let us know which antenna you chose or if you have any questions by leaving a comment below. Your feedback is important to us and we will do our best to help you. Have fun exploring!

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