Adidas Gazelle Outfit Ideas: How to Style The Iconic Sneaker

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The Adidas wave hit big in 2023, and the momentum continues this year.When it comes to Adidas, some girls samba girl or campus girl. But personally, I gazelle girly! gazelle It’s so comfortable and simple that it’s so much fun to style. Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite ways to wear these sneakers.Surprise, surprise…I love dressing them up as much as I love dressing them up! I hope this post helps you in some way adidas gazelle Outfit inspiration for 2024!

Adidas Gazelle costume history

When it comes to iconic sneakers, this one ranks high on the list. adidas gazelle It debuted in 1965 in a classic red hue. Over the years, it has been redesigned with minor changes and updated to improve performance. However, today it still boasts the same overall timeless design and style. These sneakers have been popular around the world for decades, but we love that they’re having a trend moment right now.

adidas gazelle 101

Before we get into styling ideas, I want to talk a little bit about fit and comfort. In my opinion, these shoes are true to size and have zero break-in period.I feel like there’s nothing worse than getting something. should When you walk around wearing comfortable sneakers, your shoes won’t stop chafing.I usually wear this shoe with these no show socks.But when it gets cooler outside, I’ll do what the cool girls on TikTok are doing and wear it basic white tube socks.

If you’re looking to buy Adidas Gazelle, I’ve found the largest selection. here and hereBut check out Net-a-Porter for some truly unique colorways. here.

adidas gazelle costume ideas

Now let’s talk about styling.There is So There are many ways to put together an Adidas Gazelle outfit. I mean literally thousands! This is one of the reasons I love these sneakers so much, they are so versatile. There’s no right or wrong way to style. Here are some of my favorite ways to dress up and down these days.

keep it casual

Let’s start with a simple method for everyday wear. gazelle – Styled with denim. If you’ve read my denim guide, you know that I love straight-legged, high-waisted, cropped jeans. And this style happens to be a perfect match for the Adidas Gazelle.

match with denim

I’ve been wearing this lately MOTHER denim With these black gazelle shoes and oversized sweater.This concludes everything oversized leather tote (Recent obsession) and simple pair Timeless shades of black.When the temperature drops, just add these crew socks and oversized coat. This Adidas Gazelle costume is basically my girlfriend’s January uniform.

match with pants

Looking for an additional casual option? These shoes also look great charcoal denim, great cargo pants or tapered olive pants. When it’s not too cool, swap out your cable knit sweater for a sweater. oversized button down (as shown here) or simple tank top.this 8 dollar tank is my favorite and I have almost every color.And I’m looking forward to swapping out my straight-leg denim this summer these denim shorts. I love how easy it is to create casual Adidas Gazelle outfits for every season.

dress up

Of course, these sneakers are perfect for casual styles such as denim. But don’t miss the opportunity to dress up either. I always like to pair casual shoes with formal or more “buttoned up” looks. I think the combination of casual and dressy gives it a more “everyday” feel.

Pair with dressy pants

I recently wore a pair of black Adidas Gazelles with my favorite pinstripe suit. La Ligne sweater (See the costume here). I love how sneakers add a casual twist to a formal look. My clothes felt more relaxed and not to mention my feet felt more comfortable all day long.

match with skirt

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of ways to create an Adidas Gazelle outfit that gives off a 90’s vibe by pairing it with a miniskirt and Yeezy sweater. this skirt, this skirt, this skirt and this skirt everything would be perfect gazelle.To paint the full picture, imagine the pairing this sneaker Along with this plaid mini skirtthis cream sweaterthis beloved jacket. It looks sporty but feminine! If you’re a miniskirt girl, take a peek at this latest post on how to style miniskirts. All kinds of outfit ideas are shared there.

wrong shoe theory

Have you ever heard of the “wrong shoe theory”? A term coined on TikTok, it’s the idea of ​​pairing an outfit with a very unexpected shoe choice. The theory is that this unexpected combination will add more interest to your outfit…and it’s so wrong and so right.

In this case, I love wearing casual shoes like gazelles and pairing them with dressier looks like my recent pink outfit.I think it would be really fun to pair it with these sneakers. slip dress, midi skirt or big tulle dress. I recently paired an Adidas Gazelle outfit with this midi skirt, a vintage graphic t-shirt, and my classic Chanel bag. Definitely not the most anticipated costume combination, but I loved it.

Other sneakers you’ll love in 2024

I’ve professed my love for the Gazelle, but I wanted to share some of the other sneakers that caught my eye this season.

1. Veja Campo Sneakers

this shoes It’s been sitting in my closet for a few years (I have the navy/white and pink). I like how sophisticated and minimalistic it is. You can’t go wrong with any color you choose. Certain combinations tend to sell out quickly, but you can browse all of Veja Campo’s current options. here and here.

2.APL shoes

APL They burst onto the scene about five years ago and have been an influencer favorite ever since. Missing the trend, pair Until last year. I immediately understood the hype. I love the look, fit and feel of these.I currently own the neutral cream pair and have been eyeing them for a while. these fun striped ones.

3. New Balance 574

new balance 574 Sneakers have been my favorite since high school. The design is timeless and easy to mix and match. this brand Their game has really evolved in recent years and I love some of the new styles.Not to mention there are some great color combinations like this right now pink and purple sneakers!

How to style your Adidas Gazelle outfit

There’s no right or wrong way to style an Adidas Gazelle outfit. And thanks to these endless styling options, I wear out sneakers so much. I’m actually considering adding another color to my closet!I’m particularly interested in these chic brown one or this fun color combination. We don’t see the ’90s sneaker trend slowing down anytime soon. I can’t wait to think of new ways to style myself. gazelle Only a few more days until 2024!

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