A Super Bowl-Themed Event Changed The Life Of A New Jersey Animal Shelter’s Longest Resident

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The Burlington County Animal Shelter’s oldest resident finally found his forever home during a Super Bowl-themed event on Sunday, February 11th.

Burlington County announced A Super Bowl-themed event was held on February 5th, dubbed the ultimate “tail” gate party and open house. Residents were then able to tour the shelter and meet several adoptable dogs and cats.

Burlington County announced some good news two days after the Super Bowl: five dogs were adopted out during the event.

Among those five dogs was Chief, the Burlington County Animal Shelter’s longest-serving dog owner. 740 days or more.

To say the Chief’s story is heartbreaking would be an understatement. Chief, a 10-year-old pit bull terrier mix, was surrendered to the same owner twice.

He was first surrendered in June 2021 and then re-adopted in January 2022 after his owners temporarily re-adopted him.

Even though he surrendered twice, the Chief gave him a lot of love.And during his two-year stay in the shelter, he “Volunteer and staff favorite”.

“Chief has been described by foster families as ‘the most loving, caring and patient dog’ who is gentle with adults and children of all ages.” Shared by Burlington County.

“The Chiefs may love Kansas City for Super Bowl XV, but they want to be back home with their NFL team family.” Burlington County Commissioner Deputy Dan O’Connell said:

“He has been a shelter resident for over 740 days, so his adoption will be the one we are most rooting for on Sunday.”

When Chief was adopted during Sunday’s Super Bowl, the animal shelter “I was so happy to learn that this adorable dog was adopted by someone who would open her home and heart to her.”.

Burlington County reveals Chief’s new owner, Rose Marie Ragone, first saw him when the shelter featured a Super Bowl-themed event on a local TV station’s news segment. did.

Burlington County is “Williamstown residents visited the shelter after seeing the Chiefs on television news about a pre-game party.”

They thanked Chief’s new owners and everyone who came to the shelter to adopt the animals or just stop by to spend time with them.

“Events like Sunday’s Super Bowl Tailgate Party help us learn more about our shelter and the wonderful pets that live there.” the county wrote in a Facebook post.

“Visitors not only had the opportunity to meet and interact with the dogs and cats, but also the wonderful shelter staff and volunteers who provide excellent care and work hard to find homes for pets. Thank you to them and everyone who came out on Sunday and made this open house a huge success.”

Chief’s adoption story is definitely one for the books. But there are still adoptable dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes at the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

If you are interested in finding out how to meet adoptable animals, please visit our website. here.

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