A Review Of 8 Plus-Size Activewear Brands

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Years of body negativity brought on by the latest fad diets and fitness fads have left my relationship with exercise on the rocks. Growing up, I was surrounded by “Beachbody” boot camps and personal training programs, which meant that body size was something to be lost. But years later, as an adult, I found positivity in hiking and a sense of calm in the flow of yoga. I realized that it wasn’t about how many calories I burned, but that sweating was a fun escape. I’ve spent so much time feeling like physical activity was a punishment, so I didn’t jump out and spend money on new fitness clothes. Plus-size retailers doing it right Already limited, it was difficult to find quality brands that offered comprehensive activewear. However, as the industry began to recognize larger bodies, well-made and fashionable options began to emerge in the plus-size activewear space. And we were lucky enough to receive a few such styles from some of the most popular brands and try them on for size, fit, and feel for ourselves.

Currently, my relationship with exercise has not completely healed, but as I learn to appreciate my body and all that it does for me, it has become very true. A ray of hope has begun to shine through. So without further ado, scroll through to learn about my favorite activewear products for fat people, along with standout product reviews of brands I’ve tried and loved IRL. We’ll be adding more styles worth sharing as we discover them. Say goodbye to the daddy clothes we once wore in our dark days and say hello to more size-fair style. Sports bra that doesn’t dig in easilytrendy print sets, and unique silhouettes are meant to accentuate our bodies rather than hide them.

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