8 Things You Should Never Store Under the Kitchen Sink

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Plumbing pipes and drains take up space, but a large open cabinet under the kitchen sink provides convenient and attractive storage. Not for some things.

Do not place dangerous items under the kitchen sink. Or anything that can be ruined by water. All types of moisture can cause mold, including leaks, condensation, and humidity. Moisture and food stored under the sink also attract pests.

Store the following items in a separate location.

Never store under the kitchen sink

1. Hazardous chemicals and flammable products

Not only are most chemical cleaning products toxic, many are flammable. Bleach can spontaneously ignite. Other cleaning products act as accelerants in the event of a fire. Many sink cabinets are located near the kitchen range.

Aerosols include everything from rubbing alcohol, solvents, and spray silicone lubricants. Flammable, explosive, toxic. Never store under the sink.

2. Food

You may find it convenient to store foods such as potatoes and onions under the sink. it’s not. Many homes have heat ducts under the cabinets that can get very warm. The produce doesn’t last very long.

Insects such as cockroaches are attracted to the food and moisture under your sink. If mold grows, it will also grow on vegetables. Cleaning supplies can leak or drip onto food.

3. Electrical products

It is not a good idea to store electrical appliances where they can get wet. High humidity inside the cabinet can corrode connections and components. Battery-powered appliances can also be affected by corrosion. The contacts may corrode and the battery may swell and become unusable or crack.

4. Pet food

Pet food can get wet from leaks or absorb moisture from humid air. Mold grows on wet pet food. Harmful chemicals may leak. Your pet may begin to spend time under its paws in front of the sink, which is where the food is dispensed.

5. Cookware and utensils

Anything you cook or eat together shouldn’t spend time under the sink. Mold, chemicals, limescale, insects, etc. may adhere to or get inside. Take the extra effort to clean before use.

6. Paper products

Under the sink is not a good place to put anything that can be ruined by water or moisture. Paper towels, tissues, paper bags, cardboard, cookbooks, and instruction manuals can all be ruined by water, moisture, mold, and insects.

7. Items dangerous to children

Things like dishwasher pods appeal to kids who tend to explore their tastes. Do not place toxic items in this cabinet or any other cabinets that children can access. Child safety locks work with continued use.

8. Mold

When moisture is added to dust, mold forms. Water gets under the sink due to small plumbing leaks, condensation, water seeping under the sink rim, or splashing water. Mold will begin to grow within 48 hours. If undetected, they can spread quickly and become a chore to clean up.

Items to store under the sink

If you’re wondering what you can store under your sink, here’s a short list.

  • Garbage can.
  • compost bin. Warm, humid air is beneficial.
  • recycling bin.
  • Garbage bag. Both big and small.
  • non-toxic cleaner. Dish detergent, vinegar, etc.
  • cleaning supplies. Rubber gloves, small brush, and scrubber.

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