8 Reasons Why Cats Are the Best Pets

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Cats are highly underrated pets. Sure, we know there aren’t that many options when it comes to animal companionship, but felines seem to remain in second place. After all, felines are not called “man’s best friend,” although we consider them the best pets.But after this, you totally won And officially join #teamcat.

why? Well, you don’t have to walk your cat on a leash to go to the bathroom (though you can). Please let me walk on a leash if you want! ). They take care of it themselves, and that alone makes them much lower maintenance than dogs. You have to earn their love too, and they will give it in their own way.I can barely pick it up Cat, place it on your lap and wait for it to settle down. As soon as you put them down, they immediately resume whatever they were doing. When a cat crawls into your lap for the first time, you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery.

Why cats make good pets.

Cats are good companions. Cats are easier to care for than dogs, are low maintenance, are good family pets, and can even reduce stress levels in some cases.

1. Cats provide companionship.

The myth that cats aren’t happy to see their parents when they get home is simply not true. One study Researchers found that cats form bonds with humans similar to those with babies and dogs, showing that there is no difference in the way cats and dogs love humans. Cats enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Even if they’re not as cute as a dog, they’ll snuggle with you, hang out near you, get some attention, and play with you.

2. Cats are happy alone

Cats don’t need a lot to be happy, and even beyond mealtimes (and sometimes grazing if you have a cat), they don’t have a schedule like dogs do. there is no.cats sleep too From 12 hours to 18 hours a day, so you don’t have to feel so guilty about leaving it alone during the day. There’s a good chance they’re dozing off anyway, and they’ll be active when you get home. It’s easy for friends and family to drop by and check on your cat while you’re gone, but for dogs, it’s best to either put them in your car and take them to the sitter’s house, or have the sitter ask the cat’s parents. I need you to stay at my house.

3. Most cats don’t take much care

Parenting a pet always presents individual challenges, but cats are definitely easier to care for than dogs.The cat is toilet trained, so you don’t have to take them outside every few hours on a strict schedule like you do with dogs. All dogs have exercise needs, and most require long walks outside or playing fetch.Cats, on the other hand, use up all their energy by running around and playing around the house (some cats Cats also play fetch.). They also generally require less grooming than dogs (with the possible exception of Sphynxes).

Four. cats are easy to make happy

Dogs, especially large dogs, can use up a new toy within a few hours. Cats will not continue to use such toys. You can keep the same toy for almost 10 years.Some cats also like to swat around certain household items, such as hair ties, bags, and even cell phones (although this it might not be a good thing).

5. Cats can help reduce allergies in children

Studies have shown that newborns raised in homes with cats are less likely to develop food allergies. This large-scale study analyzed 65,000 children in Japan. According to CNNfound that newborns who grew up with cats were 13% less likely to develop allergies to eggs, wheat, and soy.

6. Cats are good for your health

Cats have been shown to reduce the risk of death in pet parents from other cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke, even when risk factors are taken into account. According to a study We monitored over 4,000 people over 13 years. People who don’t own a cat or have never owned a cat are more likely to die from the above diseases than the cat’s parents. In addition to this great news, cats also keep away disease-carrying rodents.

7. Cats are good for your mental health

If you’ve ever come home to a cat and felt an instant sense of relief, there’s science behind it. CAT scan Levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body decrease, reduces negative thoughts and feelings of loneliness, and helps human parents recover faster from stressful situations. We still don’t know exactly why this happens, but these small, furry friends have a way of making our bodies feel at ease. In my opinion, it’s almost impossible not to relax when you have a cat on your lap.

8. Cats can help lower blood pressure

According to the study, cat parents have also been shown to have lower blood pressure and lower resting heart rates than non-parent cats. the study. The couple underwent several stressful tests at home. Sometimes they have pets, sometimes they have a spouse, sometimes they have both. Parent cats made the fewest mistakes and had the lowest resting heart rates when their pets were present. If this isn’t the perfect argument for working from home with a cat on your lap all day, I don’t know what is.

Are cats better than dogs?

In the end, it’s less about cats and dogs in terms of ability and more about the lifestyle of the potential pet parents. Cats are better than dogs for people who live in small spaces, work in an office and can’t come home and take their dog with them, and for people who want a less hassle pet ( However, any pet requires a high level pet). dedication). Dogs require more attention and care and often have to follow strict routines that they can never deviate from.

Consider adopting a cat

Every year, around 3.2 million cats in shelters According to the ASPCA, 530,000 people are euthanized in the United States. There are about 100,000 more cats in shelters than dogs. No matter what cat breed you have, you can find one without having to look for a breeder.After finishing your preperations adopt a catYou can get started by searching. keep a pet.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions):

Are cats good pets for children?

Yes, cats are great companions for children. Cats are sociable and friendly, and will try to catch every pet in the shelter, making them ideal for families with children. When getting a cat, you need to find one with the right temperament.cats Whimsical Families with small children can be anxious and stressed. The child hides or moves away from the child. They may even try to protect themselves if their child does not interact with them in an appropriate manner. It’s also important to note that young children should be taught how to treat cats with respect and learn their cues.

Are cats good pets for seniors?

The cats are Best pets for seniors. Cats are much lower maintenance than dogs, so they don’t require as much care from advanced pet parents. They do not need to exercise outside the home and are independent, but they bring benefits to the person’s life. Parent cats have lower resting heart rates and lower levels of loneliness, which can plague older adults. Cats help seniors become more active, reduce stress, and are very affectionate companions. and they generally Cheaper than a dogtoo.

Are cats suitable pets for apartments?

Yes, cats can grow in this small space Like an apartment. Dogs often need both indoor and outdoor space, while cats don’t need either. It’s true that cats are going to be making a fuss from 5am in any size space, and if you live in a one-room apartment, they may be directly involved in nighttime training whether you want it or not. No, but overall the cat will be successful. Most of the space they are in.

Why are cats suitable as companion pets?

Cats make great companion pets because they offer a variety of physical and mental health benefits and feel the same attachment to their parents as babies do. Cats can reduce allergies in children, lower cortisol levels, reduce feelings of loneliness, and encourage pet parents to move around a little more. And we haven’t even mentioned how relaxing it is to have a kitten curled up next to you at night.That is Irreplaceable for your health.

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