8 Best Water-Based Lubes For 2024, Tested & Reviewed

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Whether you enjoy sex toys or your partner (or both), having good quality lube on hand is essential. From the best for sensitive skin to the beautiful one that looks great on your bedside table, here’s a breakdown of the water-based lube options that are best for you.

First of all, why do you need lube? For some people, it can help manage vaginal dryness. Some people have a smoother, more pleasurable experience during sex and masturbation. It is also essential for any type of anal play, as the body does not produce natural lubrication from the anus.

There are several different types of lubes, including silicone-based lubes, oil-based lubes, and water-based lubes. “When purchasing a lube, it’s important to make sure it’s compatible with the type of activity you have in mind,” he says. Amanda Pasciucco, AASECT certified sex therapist. “For example, use water-based lube with latex condoms.”

Water-based lubricants are one of the most versatile options on the market. Silicone, glass, and metal sex toys are also safe to use without the risk of damaging the toy. As Pasciucco points out, water-based lubricants can be safely used not only with latex condoms, but also with condoms made from other materials such as polyurethane and polyisoprene.

Pasciucco also says water-based lubes are often a good option for people with sensitive skin. They are often made with soothing, hypoallergenic ingredients such as aloe vera, and if any of these ingredients are a concern, you can also find fragrance-free, paraben-free, and glycerin-free options. is. Regardless of your skin sensitivity, we recommend doing a patch test by rubbing a small amount of the lubricant on your thighs or other skin to see if there is any reaction before using it on the most sensitive areas of your body. To do.

Also, water-based lubes feel close to your body’s natural lubrication, which is not necessarily the case with silicone or oil-based lubes. The last thing to note with water-based lubes is the fact that they can dry out faster than other types of lubes. In other words, if you’re planning a marathon session with your partner or your favorite vibrator, you’ll want to keep one of the best water-based lubes listed below on hand.

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