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I bought a new recumbent bike for my 71st birthday and it arrived just a few days ago. My recumbent was purchased used, so it was over 10 years old, and some of the components, such as the gears and brakes, were a bit old and difficult to adjust. All I had to do was replace it with the latest version of the same model ( Vachetta Giro A20). However, we realized that the Giro is a touring model and you can get a lighter performance model for the same price. Vachetta Corsa. This appealed to me because I love chasing age group records on Strava. I was worried that the Corsa’s more aggressive position wouldn’t be as comfortable as the Giro, but comfort is more important to me overall than performance. However, I found that if the bike had disc brakes, changing wheels was easy and the Corsa was just as comfortable to ride on a daily basis as the Giro. You can then switch back to performance mode at any time by changing the wheels and seat. I had been thinking about doing this at some point, but Dana Lieberman, who owns Bacchetta bikes, had an amazing “Black Friday” sale before Christmas and I couldn’t resist it. So I ordered the bike a few weeks ago and it just arrived.

My first ride confirmed that I was significantly faster than the Giro, so I’m looking forward to aiming for a Strava 70+ record on this one. Unfortunately, I recently caught a cold, so I had to postpone it until I recovered. On long rides, the Giro seems to have gotten a little more comfortable, but that might be a matter of getting used to the new seat (also, the new seat is more comfortable in a more reclined position, and this may be due to the aerodynamic (but you may need a headrest). And, as we’ll discuss later, you can compare comfort and performance and consider replacing your wheels and seat over time. Fortunately, donating his non-electric upright bike gave us space to store his new Corsa, so at least for the time being we can store both bikes while we sort this out. can. As a retired engineer, this kind of experimentation is fun for me.

The new Corsa is stored in a new custom rack above, with the Giro sitting below. Corsa is light and easy to lift and store.
This is the easiest change I’m considering. Simply replace the Corsa’s front wheel with a Giro’s smaller diameter wheel. This will lower the front about 8 inches. This is an example with a Corsa seat, but it can easily be fitted to the Giro’s more upright seat as well. I rode this and it handles fine. This is more aerodynamic than the Giro and is perfect for everyday use. You can then switch back to “performance mode” by replacing the front seats and front wheels.
Another idea I’m considering: This “artist’s concept” is to replace the 700c (28-inch) wheels with 406 (20-inch) wheels and use the Giro’s seat for daily riding. It shows you how to make it more comfortable. Just putting a Giro seat on a Corsa with big wheels won’t cut it. The seat height will be too high, making the bike difficult to handle..

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