7 Simple Tips To Help Fulfill Your Weight Loss Resolutions

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Yes, that time of year has come again.
Why is it that every time January 1st arrives, everyone starts thinking about new resolutions for this year? Or maybe “new” isn’t the right word. Perhaps “recycling” would be more appropriate? After all, for most people, isn’t it true that “resolutions are meant to be broken”?
Goals are a great way to inspire us to get what we want in life, but often they simply go unfulfilled and leave us feeling frustrated (again) at the end of the year.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
You can achieve your goals and resolutions only if you know how to set them correctly the first time. And we’ll give you some tips to help you get started on the right path…

  • Begin with the end in mind. What is the end result you want to achieve? Do you want to lose weight? Or go down a dress size?
  • Be specific and realistic. Just saying “I want to lose weight” is not enough.how much do you want to lose that’s right? By when? A better goal would be, “I want to lose 11 pounds in 3 months.” And make sure your goals are realistic. If you want to lose 27 pounds, it’s not realistic to say you want to do it within 7 days. It goes without saying that it is not good for your health to do so. Or if you’ve been gaining weight slowly over the past 10 years, it’s not very realistic to say you want to be back to the weight you were 10 years ago within a month.
  • Break it down into small, easy “baby steps.” Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds. This seems like an insurmountable challenge, but it becomes manageable when you consider that over 20 weeks he loses an average of 1 pound per week. This worked out pretty well! To lose 1 pound per week, all you have to do is control your diet, increase your exercise, and create a calorie deficit of about 500 calories per day.
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Now, I’m going to tell you the big “secret”. It is the missing key to achieving your goals. Write down your “why” – what you are doing this for. Most people skip this step and this is the main reason why they fail to reach their goals. It is absolutely important to write down why you want to achieve each specific goal. For example, if your goal is “He will lose 20 pounds in 6 months,” write down why you want to lose that weight. Another tip is to make it “personal and emotional.” The more “emotional” your reason, the more likely you are to be driven toward your goal. So let’s say you have kids. Examples of good “reasons” are: “We know that being overweight is a major cause of many health problems. Let’s help our kids lose 20 pounds and get healthy so they can stay fat for years to come.” I am healthy enough to attend my daughter’s wedding and carry my grandchild. ” Assuming, of course, that all of this is important to you. 🙂 But I think you get the picture.

  • “Write it down and paste it!” Usually thinking of a goal in your head is not enough. You should write down all your specific goals and “whys” and paste them somewhere you will see them every day. Don’t write it down in a notebook and keep it in a drawer. Instead, stick it somewhere visible, like your vanity mirror. Remember, “It’s out of sight, out of mind.”

Don’t be too ambitious. Aim to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per week. Losing more than that amount is bad for you. And it’s probably caused by water and muscle loss, rather than unnecessary excess body fat.

  • Be realistic and “go with the flow.” The pound didn’t rise overnight, so don’t expect it to disappear anytime soon either. And in some cases, weight loss may not come as quickly (or as much) as you planned. However, stress only makes you gain weight, so try not to accumulate stress. It’s important not to think of the weight loss process as “all or nothing.” Instead, think “slow and steady.” You may gain a little weight, but if you stick to your plan, you’ll definitely be happy at the end of the year.
    Use these simple steps to make positive changes in your life this year. I wish you good luck!

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