7 Important Styling Tips & Brands To Know For Plus Size Nonbinary People!

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Demand for gender-neutral fashion is surging as transgender and plus-size non-binary people embrace their identities and explore new and expressive ways to share their gender through fashion. .

With this in mind, we wanted to offer seven styling tips for plus-size non-binary people and brands doing gender-fluid fashion right.

Tip #1 – Be bold.

Plus size non-binary bodies are powerful and meant to be noticed and celebrated. No matter the look, you can make it look dramatic, bold, and sexy in your own way.this is why we love universal standard: The sizing is inclusive and the website is not separated by gender. We also offer clothing modeled by people of all genders and body types to help you decide if the fit and style are right for you.

Tip #2 – Customize it!

We miss out on wearing our favorite clothes because they don’t fit properly, don’t have the elasticity, or don’t lie flat in this area. You deserve to wear clothes that feel like they were custom made for you.we love Chicago-based UnCommon closet, LLCand Sweet lime modificationbased in Cleveland, Ohio, are both queer-owned businesses that provide alterations to plus-size, non-binary people.

Tip #3 – Look for unique parts that you can change.

Our research shows that many trans femme and plus size non-binary people rely on sites such as: ebay and Amazon You can modify or adjust it to suit your needs to find your unique plus size style. It can be difficult to find affordable plus-size clothing in stores, but online shopping is a safe way for people to shop and try on clothes.

Tip #4 – Mix and match styles

Vintage shops are great for finding unique items, but they don’t necessarily have a comprehensive range of sizes. This is why we recommend investigating small businesses such as: spark house vintageis based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and regularly carries plus size clothing for both genders.

Tip #5 – Wear clothes that fit and are comfortable.

For plus-size non-binary people who may have breast tightness or want to reduce their breast size, finding a plus-size binder can be difficult. If you do custom work, he recommends safely purchasing bindings from brands such as Shapeshifters. Binder for people of all genders.we love you too Tomboy X For underwear such as swimsuits, packer-friendly bottoms, and menstrual underwear.

Tip #6 – When in doubt, go for a V-neck.

Breasts are sexy and gender-neutral! We love unbuttoned collars, and with a pair of scissors you can turn any of her T-shirts into a V-neck. The open neck look is comfortable and sexy for plus size non-binary people who want to feel comfortable in their own skin. That’s why we’re so inspired by Alok Vaid-Menon and their exploration of fashion as gender non-conforming artists. And a model.

Tip #7 – Adopt a new style

Many plus-size non-binary people may have a hard time trying on clothes in stores because shopping in gender-separated clothing sections can be frustrating and stressful.we love Try new styles with Stitch Fix Bringing bold new style to your home. Try on new styles safely and comfortably and return what you don’t like.

The future of fashion is inclusive clothing for people of all genders and sizes. Because everyone is worth celebrating. If you’re looking for more plus-size brands, we recommend checking out Alysse Dalessandro Santiago’s article “Here are 10 LGBTQ+-owned brands that offer plus sizes!”

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