7 Fun Plus Size Friendly Group Trips to Check Out for 2024

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If you’re like me, you’re already planning your 2024 trip. In my years of being a plus-size blogger (and writing a lot about LGBT travel), I often hear things like this from other plus-size people: want I want to go on a trip, but I’m worried about airplane seat size, accessibility, and other issues. And when you consider taking your entire group on a plus-size group trip, the obstacles seem to double even more.

Currently, not all travel modes are suitable for plus-size travelers, but travel opportunities are increasing for plus-size and overweight travelers. Many of these opportunities are group trips for plus sizes, and we work together to be inclusive.

plus size friendly group travel

In 2024, several companies and quite a few plus size travel influencers and bloggers are planning group plus size travel trips.

I haven’t traveled with any of these people, but I hope this post can be a helpful resource for plus-size travel in 2024. We highly recommend reading all the fine print regarding delays, cancellations, etc., and considering all types of travel and travel. Purchase traveler health insurance before booking your trip.

Questions to ask before booking a plus size group trip

I like all of these options for plus size group travel in 2024, but I want to ask a lot of questions before I put down a deposit. The biggest mistake I personally make when traveling is assuming I know what the trip entails and how it will go.

  1. Are there any size restrictions? Unfortunately, even plus-size travel can have limitations. For example, ziplining, rock climbing, snorkeling, etc. may have restrictions based on your waist measurement. If you are booking a trip that involves these types of adventures, please double check that you can participate.
  2. What type of travel insurance do I need? Travel insurance is a must when traveling. Please be sure to read the fine print here. We don’t just mean insurance against cancellations and problems. It also means insurance for health, disaster, and other things that happen during your trip.

    Note: This is not intended to be professional travel insurance advice. Consult your travel agent to determine the best travel insurance for you.

  3. What should I expect? Different types of travel have different atmospheres! If you want to stay at a resort and hang out, be careful not to book a trip that has very little downtime and is packed with activities.

    I also made some. ignorant Choose a trip without researching what the culture is like before you go. Check out travel bloggers’ testimonials on social media, browse Reddit, and maybe even buy a guidebook.I like Culture Smart Series.

  4. Can you accommodate this trip?• If you have any mobility restrictions, please communicate this to both your host and your travel operator. You should always keep them informed of any issues such as struggling on uneven pavement, long walks, or particular weather conditions so that you can actually enjoy every aspect of your trip.
  5. What is my travel style? Do you want to stay in one place or travel around? When traveling to multiple places, I prefer to stay in one place for at least 3 nights. It’s a pain to pack up and move to a new place every night or two, but it’s okay. Be realistic about your travel style.
  6. Should I invite friends? Listen, I’m very extroverted and love meeting new groups of people. You may not feel the same way either! It’s perfectly fine (and recommended!) to invite your best friends you already know to a plus-size friendly group trip. Especially if you enjoy yourself more.

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