7-day Dr. Cabral EquiLife Detox (details here!)

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Share upcoming details Dr. Cabral EquiLife 7 Day Detox I will also work with the community. If you would like to participate, please check the details below!you can also click here Enjoy 20% off FITNESSISTA20.

hey hey! Happy Wednesday! I hope you enjoy this week as well. The pilot is off work today (wow!) so I’m looking forward to having brunch with F45 and also recording his episode of the podcast for this blog post.

I’m about to enter the next round EquiLife 7 Day Detox, Please join us. Now is the perfect time for a little kickstart and reset.

When you hear the word “detox,” you might be instantly turned off, and that’s understandable.

Many detoxes are…well, terrible.

Although they are not designed with a purpose, they are often marketed as products for short-term weight loss, with the primary purpose being to reduce weight for a few days (often to drink sweet) liquids. I have done several juice cleanses from popular brands in the past. Usually I didn’t last very long, and I usually felt exhausted, drained, and hungry. And even if I was able to lose a few pounds, it didn’t last long (it was all water weight anyway).

This is completely different. I’ve done it before with great results and would like to do it again. My body needs a bit of a “reset”. Lately, I’ve been eating sugary and processed foods more often than usual, and I’ve noticed that my skin’s appearance and energy levels are decreasing. With this small boost, it’s time to start getting back to your typical sustainable habits.

We would like to work as a community, so please join us if you are interested! (It would be so cool to see 250 friends do this and support each other along the way!)

7-Day Dr. Cabral EquiLife Detox:

Learn more about this here 7 day detox:

– Liver-based detox It may reset the body, give it a break from digesting heavy foods, and help the body remove accumulated toxins from the environment. Contains functional pharmaceutical ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs to support Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification.

– Focus on nutrition. This includes POWERHOUSE Daily Nutritional Support powder (I’ve been putting it in my smoothies for the past few months and I’ve noticed a difference in my mood when I drink this smoothie) and dietary guidelines for the rest of my meals. The goal is to ensure that your body is not depleted of nutrients during the process.

– May help with weight loss (although that’s not the focus for me) Anti-aging and whole body health.

– It’s only 7 days! When I first started working with a naturopathic doctor (a long time ago! back in 2010), he put me on a similar form of detox for a month (but with an Ayurvedic approach). (Supplements not included). It’s much easier to follow for 7 days and I feel like my results are even better with the extra nutritional support. (His first 2 days are just supplements, fruit, and smoothies, and on the 3rd day he uses a dietary guideline/template to add nutritious meals.)

Top 6 ingredients included in the program:

1) N-acetylcysteine ​​(NAC), which can stimulate the production of glutathione in the body.

2) Glutathione is an antioxidant that aids in healing and liver detoxification.

3) Brocophane, an antioxidant that increases the liver’s detoxification ability

4) Alpha Lipoic Acid, another antioxidant that can improve detoxification

5) Triphala, a triad of Ayurvedic herbs that can support detox and digestion.

6) Vitamins and minerals. It supports the body and helps fill in nutrient deficiencies.

7 Day Dr. Cabral EquiLife Detox Review

Each detox kit includes:

Daily nutritional support:

This one-stop shop for vitamins, minerals, proteins, electrolytes and antioxidants is at the heart of Dr Cabral Detox. Containing 15 grams of Vegan His Protein, Daily Nutritional Support provides your body with the energy and nutrients it needs daily while your body begins to eliminate harmful toxins.

FM detox:

Utilizing the latest research in functional medicine, FM Detox provides the compounds necessary to support both stages of liver detoxification. Essential amino acids, antioxidants, and plant extracts such as milk thistle help the body capture and move toxins to the liver, where they are metabolized and eliminated in a second step. Ingredients like dandelion root extract support the production of bile, which aids in excretion. As a diuretic, dandelion root increases the water supply to the liver and facilitates the removal of toxins in the urine.

AYU Detox:

Incorporating ancient Ayurvedic healing traditions to support optimal detoxification, AM Detox can help begin the detoxification process. Various diuretics move water to the liver, increasing the solubility of toxins. Triphala, a combination of his three plants: Emblica officinalis, Terminaria bellerica, and Terminalia chebra, has been studied for its role in gastrointestinal health. When used in combination, it has been suggested that this powerful trio promotes the growth of the beneficial gut microbes Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, while simultaneously inhibiting the growth of undesirable bacterial strains.

(Read more and explore scientific references here.)

Things I noticed while doing this detox when I started the IHP program:

– As someone who has had gallbladder concerns in the past (which I was able to resolve myself), I always want to provide extra support to the liver. I no longer have any gallbladder pain (I think quitting Beyond Meat also helped). After my first successful detox, I plan to incorporate this into my routine at least twice a year.

– I felt a little low in energy on the first day, but by the afternoon of the second day, I thought it was amazing. I feel more energized, more focused, the fog in my head clears, my skin brightens, and I feel so much better.Fitness Star IHP Program

– It was a very easy month for my menstrual cycle. I don’t have any cramps or PMS symptoms, and I’ve found that the months I’ve been more strategic with my training, sleep, stress relief, and nutrition, my cycles have been uneventful in the best sense of the word.

– It reset my taste buds. Too much sugar in your diet dulls the taste of things like fruit and salads. Bringing things back to basics has awakened my sense of how I want food to taste, allowing me to fully enjoy my meals and enjoy mealtimes.

– I don’t weigh myself regularly, but I have noticed that my clothes fit better after a complete detox. I felt like the swelling and inflammation was reduced.

This detox is not suitable for you if:

– Currently suffering from or recovering from an eating disorder. Keep working to improve your relationship with food and health. Please know that I am rooting for you and sending you love and support.

– If you are training for an intense event or need to maintain a very active lifestyle. On days 1 and 2, you want to take it easy (walking, stretching, doing some light yoga, or doing nothing at all). If that’s not possible, you can do a modified version of the detox by having a smoothie for breakfast and lunch and having a nutritious dinner in the evening. Let me know if you have any questions about this method.

– You have a health concern that prevents you from participating.

****As always, consult your doctor before making any changes to your fitness or nutrition. Respect your body.

How to join + discount code:

If you would like to participate, please You can click this link Join FITNESSISTA20 and get 20% off the program! There are also hundreds of great reviews on this site.

Once you sign up, Join our private Facebook group here This allows us to stay connected and support each other along the way. Detox begins October 17th.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact us Instagram live We’ll be answering your questions by asking Dr. Cabral tomorrow at 10am PT/1pm ET. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

I can’t wait to do this with you and hear the results. <3



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