5 Outdated Kitchen Cabinet Colors that Could Hurt Your Resale Value

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most expensive projects most homeowners undertake, so choosing materials is a big decision. To ensure your kitchen doesn’t become outdated or lose its resale value, it’s important to think twice after making a big purchase.

Some kitchen cabinet colors are timeless, while others are timeless. If you want to avoid regretting your kitchen cabinet investment in 5 years, don’t choose these outdated kitchen cabinet colors.


gray kitchen cabinets

Gray was popular in the early 2000s, with homeowners opting for gray walls, cabinets, and flooring. This color was once in the limelight, but now most designers consider it outdated. It’s fine to choose a gray-brown color, but avoid making your cabinets too gray.

bright white

gray kitchen cabinets

White cabinets aren’t outdated, but bright white cabinets with white countertops are. Bright white cabinets can make your kitchen look bleak or glaring, especially in small spaces. You’ll also see all the dirt on your fingers, globs of oil, and food splatters. If you want white, choose an off-white or cream color. Make sure the white you choose complements your countertops and backsplash.

orange stain

gray kitchen cabinets

The orange oak cabinetry that stood out in the 1990s is now considered one of the most outdated options. Avoid orange wood stains and orange paint. Orange cabinetry can be difficult to make look modern and can hurt your home’s resale potential.

trendy paint colors

gray kitchen cabinets

Every few years, new color trends for kitchen cabinets emerge. For the past few years, dark green has been the most popular color, but now deep blue shades are falling out of favor. You may feel like a new color trend has spruced up your kitchen, but in five years, that trend may be outdated.


gray kitchen cabinets

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color, but unless you live in a retro mid-century modern style, it’s not the right color for your kitchen cabinets. Save the yellow for accents that can be easily replaced, such as wall art or cookware. For permanent finishes, use neutrals.

best color for kitchen cabinets

The best colors for kitchen cabinets are timeless. If you don’t want to worry about your cabinets becoming outdated, choose natural wood tones and neutral paint colors. Top paint colors include cream, taupe, and off-white. When it comes to cabinet styles, shaker cabinets are the best option. It fits many home styles and is classic.

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