5 of the best watches for photography nerds

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Photographs and watches are related. Both are art forms with deep roots in past eras, but have caught up with advances in technology and remain essential. Enthusiasts of both generally prefer vintage models to be respected, but also happy to be updated for modern conveniences. Mechanical vs. quartz, film vs. digital is an eternal debate, but all aspects come into play when it comes to enjoying the hobby. If you want to combine your love of photography and watches, consider the following:

Horage Lensman 2

horror lensman 2 exposure 1

Horage Lensman 2 was the main inspiration for this series. I have never seen a watch that is so perfectly connected to my hobby. Not only is this an ode to photography, it’s also a useful tool and a great-looking watch in its own right. The design, with its boxy square case and raised bezel, is clearly inspired by vintage cameras. It also has GMT functionality, which is just an added bonus. The real spectacle here is the exposure calculator built into the bezel. You can adjust the ISO to suit any lighting conditions and the watch will display the ideal f-stop. The back of the watch also offers a gorgeous view, with the display caseback showing off a black-coated Horage K2 with an automatic micro-rotor. Price: CHF 5,450

Leica ZM1 Monochrome

leica zm1 monochrome

For photography fans, Leica needs no introduction. But what’s surprising is that such a prestigious camera company has actually been producing luxury watches for several years. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Both fields require precise micro-machining and no shortcuts are allowed.. The aesthetics may be simple, but everything derives from camera manufacturing expertise, and there are a lot of symbolic links. It has a power reserve like a shutter, the pusher that advances the date has the same feel as a shutter button, and the crown also has a shutter button. This button hacks movement and represents how time stands still when taking a photo. Price: $11,500

Casio G-SHOCK G Ride GBX100-1D

Casio G-Shock G-Ride GBX100 1D

If you’re a landscape or nature photographer, you need to be prepared for some pretty rough terrain and conditions to find the perfect shot. The best watch for the job in that scenario is almost always a G-SHOCK. Because you want something reliable and basically unbeatable. Realistically, any of his G-Shocks can withstand the rigors of adventure. However, I chose the G-Lide GBX100-1D because of its beautiful tide graph layout.. This is a really useful feature if you want to take photos of raging waves or get crisp macro photos of crabs in rock pools. Price: AUD 399

Yes WorldWatch V7

Yes WorldWatch V7

Unless you’ve come across Yes WorldWatch V7 before, you’ve probably never seen anything like it. Although this watch is thoroughly modern, its roots lie in ancient cultures. Although time as an arbitrary measurement is a relatively recent development in human society, it was previously based on the position of the sun. For photographers, knowing exactly when to chase perfect lighting is a dream come true. Whether you’re trying to capture the feeling of a golden dawn or the soft light of a full moon, Yes WorldWatch V7 lets you know at a glance exactly when you’re ready. In addition to the digital time display, it displays the times of sunrise, sunset, noon, and midnight, and it also displays the day divided into visible parts of the day and night. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of its capabilities. The 46mm x 16mm size may scare some people, but I think it’s worth sacrificing comfort for a watch this unique and desirable. Price: $695

Rado Deerstar Original Skeleton

Rado Diastar Original Skeleton 2 e1693794777921

If you’re interested in watches and photography, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up taking a lot of photos of watches. Watches are incredibly complex subjects, so photographing them can be more difficult than you might think. Not only are they relatively small, but they also vary in surface, depth, and focus to consider. Radio Dear Star Original Skeleton There may not be any tricks to help with photography, but it can be a great challenge for photography. The upper part of the vast cushion case with its steep slope is made of a special Ceramos material, which causes many difficult reflections. Then there’s the skeletonized dial, which has multiple faces and needs to be clearly visible. Enhances the three-dimensional appearance of the watch. You’ll know you have some serious skills when you can make this watch look great in any lighting condition or environment. Price: AUD 3,250

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