3 IKEA Kitchen Designs that Solve Real Accessibility Problems

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When IKD creates IKEA kitchen designs, no one is left behind.

IKEA makes affordable kitchen products for the masses. We use our IKEA knowledge and design skills to transform mass-produced products into bespoke kitchens. Homeowners often come to us for unique touches during a kitchen redesign. However, there are times when homeowners require a unique design solution.

Because we are professional designers, we understand what it takes to design with age, ADA specifications, and even children in mind. Read on to learn three ways to make your kitchen easier for your customers.

why design
What is IKD?

Why design with IKD?

How IKD designs accessible IKEA kitchens

1. IKEA kitchen designs can age as is.

You may not be as young as you once were, but you should be able to stay at home as long as you want. With a focus on long-term accessibility, IKEA kitchen designs enable independent living.

“My partner and I are planning to downsize to a one-story home and spend the rest of our days here after we retire. We kept this in mind when doing the renovations before moving in, and IKD They were very knowledgeable in helping us make long-term decisions. We could tell they had done this type of design work before.” – Marty, IKD Customer

One of the key decisions when designing your IKEA cabinets for in-place use is to choose drawer storage instead of cabinets in your kitchen. His spacious MAXIMERA drawers combined with his SEKTION cabinet frames eliminate homeowners from having to kneel down to search for items. Instead, the item will be delivered to them.

Also consider any current or future mobility aid allowances and suggest choosing low island seating over the popular (but impractical) bar seating option.

By incorporating the Rev-A-Shelf internal organizer, you can also keep items like pull-out bins (including a motorized touch-open option) and pull-down shelves to keep things from aging in place. These eliminate the need for homeowners to climb high step stools to access items.

Rev-A-Shelf Internal Organizer is an Alternative to Trash Drawers

2. IKEA kitchen design according to ADA requirements

Our familiarity with ADA requirements and IKEA products allows us to design attractive and affordable kitchens that work well for people with disabilities. Each kitchen design package is customized to you, allowing us to focus on the elements that will make life easier for you or your loved ones.
Comments: “I chose IKD for several reasons. Compared to other designers in our area, their designs are inexpensive and they don’t try to make me buy expensive custom cabinets. My daughter Although he is in a wheelchair and unable to speak, most of our money goes towards his medical expenses.

IKD worked within our budget at IKEA. They knew I didn’t trust the planners I always met at IKEA. It’s like adding wide aisles and turning space to your kitchen. They also helped us in other areas of the house, such as the bathroom and closet. I’m very happy with all the results. ” –Liza, IKD Customer

Our designers know how to hack cabinets to create countertop heights of 34 inches for wheelchair users, as required by the ADA. This height difference makes it easier for cooks to help in the kitchen and provides a comfortable and accessible eating area. Mobility is essential in an ADA-compliant design, and we know the wheelchair needs 60 inches of turning space, or an area where he can easily make a three-point turn.

IKD may also suggest Rev-A-Shelf accessories that make life easier for people using mobile devices, such as pull-out waste containers with long handles. Tip-out trays make dishwashing supplies easier to access, and storing items in drawers instead of doors allows easy access for wheelchair users.

Kitchen with special and comfortable work area for ADA users

3. IKEA kitchen design for families

In the past, children could be seen but not heard, but those days are gone. The focus now is on inclusivity. Parents want to teach their children important life skills by incorporating them into everyday activities. Kitchens allow this parenting philosophy to be fostered, but most are not designed to be accessible to children.

Our design helps change that.

“One of my favorite memories as a child was making cut-out cookies with my mom for Christmas. I wanted my children to have those same memories. She helped me design a two-level island so my kids could sit across from me while I bake. I try not to force them, but I can help them fill the pie and make the dough. Most of the time, they’ll ask to join in, and it’s so easy for them to jump into the seat across from me and grab the cookie cutter or pull the rolling pin out of the drawer. ” – Lili, IKD Customer

IKD can design lower level countertops to make the kitchen easier for young children to use. We often plan a spacious island with plenty of seating and make sure the kitchen is divided into work zones. Organizing your kitchen into zones makes it easier to set clear boundaries. For example, you may want to have your child in an area with an island, refrigerator, and sink, but you may not want them near the stove or meal preparation (aka food cutting) zone.

Consider products like the Whirlpool refrigerator with drawers, IKEA’s BOLMEN step stool, and the Rev-A-Shelf pull-out storage solution that gives kids access to cooking supplies and ingredients.

We help children of all ages thrive in the kitchen. IKD designed the kitchen with charging stations for devices. So your teen or her teen doesn’t even have to leave their phone behind (perhaps against their will) when they help with cooking or washing up. You can use the cabinet hack to design a charging station on your end cap, like we did in this article, or you can incorporate a Rev-A-Shelf charging drawer into your design.

Kitchen including hacks and device charging station solutions

IKEA kitchens designed by IKD for everyone

You need a kitchen that is designed to work with you, not against you. No matter your specific needs or desires, IKD’s professional designers are here to make your kitchen more organized, beautiful, and user-friendly.

Get professional IKEA kitchen designs online

Work with our certified kitchen designers to get a personalized kitchen designed to fit your needs and vision. If you want to know more about our services, be sure to check out our IKEA kitchen design services.

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