14 Best Eye Shadow Sticks of 2024 for Flawless Eye Looks in Seconds, According to Makeup Artists

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Editor’s tip: You can apply this stick close to your lash line just like you would a regular liner.

Target audience: Makeup Beginner | Available shades: 9

The most unique shades: color pop shadow sticks

Why it’s worth it: Another affordable hit is Colourpop Shadow Stix from a New York City-based makeup artist. Amrita Mehta I like its “excellent color effects”. At $8 each, these creamy sticks come in unique shades with metallic and matte finishes, including Surf Sesh (metallic teal above), Cold Girl (metallic icy white), and Friday Feels (metallic peach coral). Offers.

Editor’s tip: If you’re ready to become a shadow pro or just want to buy a gift, you can buy the 16 stick set.

Target audience: People who like to blend with their fingers | Available shades: twenty two

How to test and review products

Before reviewing makeup, we ask questions about various factors. What ingredients does it contain? Does the brand offer a wide range of shades aimed at consumers of all skin tones and undertones? Safe for readers with sensitive skin and contact lens wear Is it affordable or more than a splurge? Is the packaging consciously designed or is it wasted?

To review the best eyeshadow sticks, we enlisted the help of multiple editors, writers, contributors, and professional makeup artists to review products. This ensures that the testing base spans a variety of skin tones, genders, and skin conditions. We considered each product’s performance across her four main categories: wear, longevity, color variety, and ease of use. For more information on what our report includes, please visit our full review process and methodology page.

Our staff and testers

Beautiful items are purchased individually. You might be looking for a face cream to combat stubborn dryness or a new nail product to add to your Sunday self-care routine. You may simply be looking around for the latest products to hit the hair market. No matter what you are looking for or your personal needs and concerns, allure We want you to love whatever we recommend in our stories. We believe that having a diverse team of writers and editors, in addition to the wide range of external testers and industry experts we regularly engage, is essential to achieving that goal.

After all, can you? Really Can you say that a skin care product is “best” for people over 50 if the testers only asked for opinions from people who haven’t yet reached 30? Can you honestly think that a high-end diffuser that has never been tested on curls is worth your hard-earned money? We are proud that our staff spans a wide range of ages, skin colors, hair textures, genders, and backgrounds. That means BeautyHe can give you a fair review of every beauty product in your closet.

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