11 Statement-Making Winter Plus Size Coats To Keep it Cute and Cozy

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I may have said it before (and I know I have), but I can’t do it in this cold weather. Listen, Mother Nature – you can calm down a little. But do you know what we’re here for? Great coat. A winter plus size coat that makes a great statement. Faux fur, leather, pufferfish? Drama? Please bring it all to me.

I think there are people among you who can relate to that. And with this warmer weather, finding some plus-size winter coats has quickly risen to the top of shopping and holiday wishlists.

When you’re likely to be seen wearing a coat, enjoy it to the fullest. *Just saying* Coats are an impressive addition to your winter wardrobe. They give us luxury and drama. decadence.

11 plus-size winter coats that will make a statement

A statement winter plus size coat needs to be both functional and fashionable, and it exists for plus size fashion lovers. To help you navigate it all, we’re here to share some of our favorite winter plus size coats that make a luxury statement.maybe you will find something Must Add it to your collection.

Some tips for wearing plus size coats in winter

Curve Swirl Puffer Maxi Puffer Jacket, Khaki ASOS.com

Proper fit is important when purchasing a winter coat. When shopping, keep these tips in mind.

  • Wear layers, sweaters, and knits to ensure your jacket keeps you warm and fits comfortably.
  • Cross your arms in front of you and hug yourself. The coat should be comfortable all over your back.
  • Button or zip your jacket. Please move around a little. The coat should have room around the chest, waist, and armholes. If you experience any discomfort or pulling, please go up a size. The main purpose is to protect you from bad weather.
  • I like the coat, but the size doesn’t fit me? Request a size up or have them order your size. Worst case scenario? Please find another one.
  • Sleeve length is another factor. Ideally, the sleeves should be 1 inch longer than your wrist. This allows the coat to cover your arms when you are moving.

Shopping is all about choice and variety, so we wanted to offer a wide range of products, from dramatic to classic luxury, from $50 and up, from bold to understated. A fancy coat with both form and function that you’ll definitely rock out to. While you’re checking things out, be sure to check out the Coats 101 Style Guide.

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