10 Ways To Embrace Your Sensuality Beyond Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and so have most of the messages about romance, plus-size lingerie, poles and wraps. dance class. But what if we embraced sensuality year-round?

There’s one problem with this hype “Find your sexy” and “Be sexy for your love”, It doesn’t last. Even if you take classes, buy a new lingerie set, and invest all your energy into maintaining your sensual illusion, it will fall apart after a few days.


Because most people don’t know or don’t want to talk about what it takes to have a sustainable relationship with their power. (“Sexy” in my world) It carries you day by day.

Honestly, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year! I use this time of year to reboot my own self-love practices, take my pleasure seriously, and indulge in sensuality. I cherish it as an opportunity to remind myself to embrace the healing power of stepping into sexuality.

Although you may not hear sensuality and healing in the same sentence, sensual dance class in messy movement labit’s the unbreakable crossroads we sit on every time we come to the dance floor.

I want to share 10 unconventional ways to help you embrace the healing power of your sensuality and feel like a bomb every day.

10 ways to embrace your sensuality beyond Valentine’s Day

1. Throw away what you know about sensuality.

10 ways to embrace your sensuality
Image via Woman Untamed Class

The true definition of sensuality is instinctively connected, open, raw, vulnerable, accessible, and permeable. Sensuality is the opposite of numbness.

Our sensual energy is the fuel we have access to throughout our daily lives, giving us the power to break out of autopilot mode so we can live authentically. To be sensual is to feel life flowing through your veins, and to be disconnected from everything else.

We’ve been taught that having a sensual connection with our bodies is unnecessary, or at least at the bottom of our list of priorities in life. Breaking out of that mindset takes effort and dedication, but once your body wakes up from its paralysis, the benefits are immeasurable.

2. Shine a light on negative thoughts and habits

Image via Rashida

The biggest obstacle to embracing your sensuality is how you think about yourself. Sexy starts from within. We must be in a place of peace, joy, and radiance in our inner lives. To truly stand in our power. When we come from this place, we exude effortless confidence and grace. The more you try to face yourself, the more you will feel yourself shining!

To face yourself, you need to identify the junk thoughts you have about yourself and your life.When you can truly shine a light on those limiting beliefs and make room for new truths to emerge, that’s when you’ll feel a change.. When I faced my past and insecurities, I felt the weight of me stretching for perfection fall from me. Getting rid of self-hating habits that you don’t want to admit is the first step to freedom.

3. Reverse the story you’ve been told about your sexuality.

Image via Rashida

What stories were you told about pleasure and sex when you were growing up? What do you hold on to as “truth” about sex today, even if it feels a little limiting?

A great way to identify your underlying story about embracing your sensuality is to look at the women in your life who have achieved outstanding growth and think about their bodies and their relationships with love. is.

Were they always on a diet? Were they constantly commenting on their weight? Did they pay close attention to themselves? Did they keep getting back together and breaking up with someone? Have you ever seen them date or were they very socially distant?

All these different stories reside in your own subconscious and you can cultivate the way you express your sensuality right now. Explore and play with your expression, see what feels good to you, and start shaping your own vision of the fully expressed, sensual woman you want to be.

There are no right or wrong answers here.

4. Build self-care time into your schedule

Self-care with Women Untamed

When I gather with my Women Untamed students, I always remind them that self-care is a priority in order to feel energized. If you wait until something goes wrong to take care of yourself, you are not taking care of your temple.

Imagine this: Since your phone is fairly new, the battery life is quite long. Throughout her day, you use Facebook and Instagram, check your email, text your loved ones, and call her several times.

Since the battery is new, you may be able to get away with not charging it that night, but the longer it goes without charging, the slower your system will be. The same goes for us. You literally have to stop and plug it into power.

5. Create a habit of surrender.

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Nothing prevents us from being aroused by sensuality more than holding on to burdens, anger, doubt, and confusion. Try to start each day with fresh eyes and a new outlook. If you have to name something that’s weighing you down, write it out on a list and say it to yourself.

“I let go of everything that wasn’t in my highest good so I could step into my light. You don’t have to carry this weight alone.”


6. Treat your body like you would treat her.

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Sometimes when I buy flowers for myself, I save the old flowers and line the room with rose petals that lead to the bathroom. Light a candle, throw some rose petals into the water, and turn on your favorite music. This small gesture creates a memory in my muscles of joy and rest when things are unbearably tense.

Oftentimes, we just go about our daily lives and push ourselves to the point where we start to let out smoke. We treat self-care like a reward, not a necessity. Once you break out of that mindset and start seeing self-care as an essential part of completing your daily tasks, you’ll feel a huge difference in your connection to your body.

7. Forgiveness is the path to joy and rekindles intimacy with your loved one.

If we are not willing to forgive, or let go, then we are justified in not doing the real work. If you can tolerate the pain of the problem long enough, you don’t really have to do the healing work necessary to open your heart again.

Image via Rashida

It’s easy to learn lessons when it comes to overcoming love challenges. The real work begins when you learn the lessons and don’t let the pain numb you or make you suffer.

We use our unforgiving stories to shield us from intimacy with our partners and God. We know that if we wipe a clean slate clean, let go of the problem, and forgive, we become vulnerable. And we have been taught that weakness makes us seem stupid, weak, hurt, hopeless, and worthless. Of course, that’s the last thing we want to do.

But in reality, our vulnerability is our greatest strength.

8. Your soul is not a sacrifice for someone else’s healing.

Don’t give too much away. Well, let me just say this. Don’t give too much to the wrong people and end up depleting yourself and losing your life. Nothing separates us from power faster than pouring our precious energy into an empty barrel. Giving to the right people creates an undeniable energetic exchange.

Image via Rashida

Many of us have learned self-sacrifice as our primary love language. This is a toxic and destructive habit that needs to be burnt out immediately. We can give until we feel sick, but that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Learn when to say no and trust that people who respect and value you will respect your boundaries without question or hesitation.

9. Practice being kind to your body no matter what.

When I first noticed stretch marks on my stomach, I had to slow down a bit. I didn’t want to be too hard on myself because I knew I was feeling pressured and gaining weight. So instead of panicking, I took some photos to capture the moment.

Image via Rashida

It felt so good and I want you to do the same. You don’t have to share these photos with anyone if you don’t want to, but take photos from different angles to see which parts of your body make you feel the most self-conscious. Then, during your down time, write some loving affirmations to yourself and refer to them when your mind starts to wander again.

10. Make time and space for romance with your loved ones and yourself.

Image via Rashida

Finally, if you’re as busy as I am and constantly moving from one project to the next, you might as well work all day long. In order for love, romance, and intimacy to emerge, you actually need to hold space for it. Remember, we make time for things that are important to us.

Whether you’re single or crazy about love, create some space in your schedule to relax. Turn off your computer, slow-cook a delicious dinner with just a ripped grill, grab your favorite playlist, and soak in the moment. You won’t regret it.

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